iBasso DX90 buyers remorse
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Aug 22, 2015
Hi All,
I have a DX50 and decided to buy a DX90 to see if I could improve my musical experience. I know that several posts have said that you should burn in the player (for anything up to 400 hours), but life is short. I would have to say in my opinion the sound is marginally better than my DX50 (very subtle) and I am considering returning the DX90. Am I being to quick to judge?
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I don't buy into the idea that solid state electronics benefit from hundreds (or even tens) hours of burn in. So I can't help you there. There is a lot to suggest that this is simply not true, although I do think there is some benefit of using electronics a good bit while still in the store return period, just to make certain that it's working properly.

As for the difference in audio quality? Now you have experienced the rule of greatly diminishing returns with audio electronics. :etysmile:

There are many in the sound science forum on Head-Fi that would argue that there might be no audible difference, given how well the DX50 measures. At some point as you go up in price/performance value, DAC/amps measure so well that they are already accurate within the range of human hearing. As long as the headphone is driven well by the amp, there should be no benefit in spending more in that circumstance.

Then, assuming there is an audible difference, keep in mind that there are those on Head-Fi for whom audio equipment is a hobby. They strive for absolute perfection. They listen to their equipment through the music. If you listen to your music through the equipment instead and don't pay much attention to the electronics, then what is a significant improvement for them as they search for that perfection may be minute to you. I know that I can even greatly enjoy a piece of music with my Sansa Clip Zip (as long as I use headphones that it can drive properly), and switching to my DX50 doesn't improve on that much.

So sure. We all evaluate equipment differently. But you are certainly at that place with the DX50 that spending more might not be worthwhile to you. You are not crazy :)

Just curious. What headphones do you use with it?
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I have the ATH-M50 (not the x). Very easy to drive. Not my most detail resolving headphones. I could easily imagine there would be little worthwhile difference by upgrading from the DX50. Save your money for your next headphone upgrade :D
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I think I am leaning towards returning it, as I have had to do a factory reset in the first week. When turning the volume up it would dip output briefly on one channel and then return to normal. It also turned itself off for no reason and reset the screen brightness to max unexpectedly. Since the reset it has behaved normally for the rest of the day. I also think it is a bit picky with exFat formatting. My old DX50 has worked pretty flawlessly from day one, unless trying out some of the custom firmwares. Still if you don't try new toys, then I wouldn't have bought the DX50 in the first place!

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