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Ibasso dx150, pioneer dxp300r or hiby r6

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by cjoh242, Jun 14, 2018.
  1. cjoh242
    Well I should have put them in order by price but I’m needing a new dap after my n5ii problems and ultimate return. I can buy the pioneer 300r right now, by the ibasso dx150 in a few weeks or save up and by the hiby r6 in month. I’m looking for a dap I can use out of the box with my se846 but eventually buy a dac and change or upgrade the sound. Is the extra money and wait really worth it? Also how are the ui’s. The n5ii was either very difficult to use or it was just the bugs that were killing me.
  2. TheoS53
    Well, if your plan is to buy an external DAC anyways, then I'd suggest looking at a cheaper DAP to then use as a source when that time comes. The Shanling M2s is a wonderful source device, but I received the FiiO M7 for review a little while ago and I must say that I'm thoroughly impressed with it as a device. I'm used to FiiO's devices being somewhat riddled with silly software bugs and mistakes, but the M7 is so close to perfection.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  3. cjoh242
    Then should I look at the opus1s if I’m going to get a dac later like the mojo
  4. tunes
    Which one of these players has optical Toslink out for use as a digital transport??
  5. tunes
    Looks like both the FiiO x 7 and IBasso 150/200 both have Optical,Toslink line out capability.

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