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I just got mine and judging from the sound and remembering well how mine sounded after 300 and 400 hours, there are dramatic changes, for the good and it sounds pretty good now. It really does morph a lot. 
Loading my aps back on. Sure missed the DX and glad it is back. I really like the unlock ap. 
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J3 always had trouble with hidden files created either by Mac or Linux, I think it's Flash based OS got really confused when it saw those. 
Considering that the DX100 runs Android which is Linux based, and is already chock full of hidden directories/files, you should have no issues whatsoever with your Mac.
I mean that the Mac OS has a thoroughly objectionable habit of writing 'DS_STORE' files to every darned directory it accesses. I know there is supposed to be a Console workaround command for this but I've never again trusted my Mac, even with that workaround, to go anywhere near my J3 (up until the the very latest 2.28 J3 firmware, only released a few days ago, the J3 would literally fail to boot without total reformat of the internal flash memory, if a Mac had written DS_STORE files to the root/system directories). I assure you, I've learned this the hard way.
Hence, my question about how the DX100 copes with this vile habit of OSX.
I'm relieved to hear that your DX100 seems to be none the worse for it's having been connected to your Mac.

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I am unable to access "play goggle" , but all other wifi functions are working perfect, and If I try to install an app from The browser on my PC, then after choosing the app, when there is a menu to chose to what device you want to install the app, I get an error and that google will /is trying to fix it?? any help
I have the Sony Z and Galaxy Note and the Dx100 all on the same account.
edit: OK now fixed.
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Thanks to all. Please give the DX100 some time before judging.



Turrock & UEL I truly hope that the DX100 turns out to be an excellent purchase after the glitches are sorted out (I won't consider one till they do even though I'm sorely tempted to buy one).
I have noticed people's perceived disappointment with what looks on the glossery as a great product but shelling out $800 (£500) on a device that the manufacturers are relying on it's customers to report bugs so they can fix them really is not good enough in my opinion..... I maybe new to the head-fi world but if I paid $800 for something in my fairly expensive home system I would be fuming with anger if I had to wait for them to sort the bug fixes not matter how small, spending that type of money you expect it to work right straight out of the box... If the design is also wrong and can cause potential damage to other expensive equipment then that should also be rectified before general release..... ok so iBasso is a small company with a good following of loyal customers from Head-Fi and probably hasn't got funds for proper R&D, that said, I daresay their are a lot of very experianced Head-Fi'ers who could of helped in the R&D of the DX100 so the bugs could of been ironed out prior to realease.... customers should not be treated as guinea-pigs for a device costing $800.
Very interesting Turok on your initial SQ view on the DX100 v WM-Z.... I look forward to your update when the DX100 has burnt in.
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Keep in mind some bugs are really the limitations of Android, other third party apps, or user error. Take it all with a grain of salt until everyone has had a chance to get used to their DAPs.
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Well the trend seems to be quite clear. SQ-wise, the DX100 is stellar. Operationally on the other handseems to be some shortcomings. Having good sound is important but so is being able to get to that sound (i.e. getting it to play!).
One thing I mentioned before which I noticed no one else has (and I guess it's merely 'cos no one else has tried), using the DX100 as a transport into an external DAC is amazing. I actually prefer using my DX100 as the transport over my iMac! Desperately hunting around for a longer 3.5mm->coax cable now.


Oh course your DX100 sounds stellar if you use $5,200 headphones(Erm cough i mean only $4,500 in Japan.) Just Saying

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Keep in mind some bugs are really the limitations of Android, other third party apps, or user error. Take it all with a grain of salt until everyone has had a chance to get used to their DAPs.

that's what I'm hoping for Pudu as I want one..... UEL & Turrock have given me great advise in the past and I know how both have been looking forward to getting this DAP in their hands so here's hoping.
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Hey Jamato what gain do you use when you plug your LCD-2's directly into the DX100? Low gain or med gain?

I tend to use high gain for everything just out of habit and preference. Medium with the JH13 Pro. For the LCD-2, I would use high gain even if I changed it for other phones according to their sensitivity 
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I've just received mine but i havent tested it out with any music but so far the build quality looks top notch. The back of the DX100 has a nice shiny finish to it (magnesium i think.) And the size doesn't look too bad at all, it seems like it can fit in my jeans pocket easily although i havent tried it yet.
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I preferred power-amp's  sound to the stock player and ease of use.

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