iBasso D2-Boa... USB-DAC dead

  1. hachi
    I am curious, has anyone else had the USB DAC portion of their D2 (or other similar device) die?

    I've had it plugged into the same computer for the last 8 months since I bought it... it has never fallen off the desk, been spilled on, or shocked in any way... I actually really like it.

    It bugs me a little that a device I haven't mistreated in any way would work one day and be failed the next. However searching the web and these forums leads me to think that this doesn't happen all that often.

    Anyone have input? I just contacted support today, and whenever they get back from vacation I'll start the warranty service I guess.

  2. Nocturnal310
    when u plug it in your computer..does the red USB link light switch on?
  3. Mr.Borismo
    Same prob with mine.

    The DaC wont play and would just hang. Used it in another computer and the same thing happened, so its not my computer. Used multiple cables to no avail.

    The amp works just fine though.

    To be fair, there isnt much noise in the net re failing Boas, so I guess were just the unlucky ones.

    I sent mine back.
  4. hutie1983
    i am sorry to hear that .i haven't the same experience. perhaps the life reaches its end`````[​IMG]
  5. jojoarmani
    Hachi, is it working again? or was it returned to the store?
  6. Greeink
    I'm having issues with my Mamba D4. As noted already, the same goes with myself... never mistreated, doesn't leave my desktop. Was watching a movie, suddenly the sound just fizzles out.. and now all I get is white noise. When pairing it with my iPod, as an AMP, it seems to be working perfectly fine.
    .... Waiting for a response from iBasso.
    Absolutely ruins my evening! [​IMG]
  7. Coop
    My D2+ has an even weirder issue. Actually, the issue is probably not in the D2+, but in my Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook.
    The Ultrabook doesn't detect the D2+, while the D2+ works fine on my work laptop, my Wifes' laptop and even my Galaxy S3. 
    But my Fiio E7 and Odac work fine on the Ultrabook, so it's not a physical defect or driver issue or something like that, as they all use the standard usbaudio drivers...

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