I want to check with you experts
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Mar 6, 2006
Hi guys,

I wanted to check with you experts before I make a purchase of some IEMs.

I had the CX300 which stopped working a few days ago, and before that the ER6. The Ety's were ok, the bass was there but not as much as I like. And they didnt play the low deep bass notes. As much as I tried to shove some deep bass into them with EQing they didnt respond. Overall they were ok but not fantastic.

The CX300 has an ok midrange, the treble is not good as it is not extended so cymbals sound awful. And the bass is muddy and wayyy too boomy. It does however produce the very deep bass notes unlike the ER6.

Now I want something with strong clean and tight bass, with extended highs. Something smooth sounding. I listen to jazz, rock, R&b, reggae, and when I feel bass hungry some rap.

Based on my reading on this site a lot of people seem to like the im716. With my budget if around $60 it seems to be a good choice.

Would you guys agree that I am making the right decision?

Feel free to make other suggestions.

Thanks a bunch,

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For that price range, I would recommend the UE Super.fi 3's. The im716's also lack the bass that you want, whereas the UF SF3's have good punchy bass, and enough treble presence to satisfy your needs.
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The Super.Fi 3 might satisfy you, but I'm not quite sure, if they're definitely the best headphones for you... after all, in my opinion, the Super.Fi 3 excel in reproducing clear mids [compared to others in this price range].
Note that UE might be very uncomfortable for one's ears.

The way lawbadman explained what he liked/disliked on his former phones, I suggest, he may also try V-Moda [i didn't have the chance to try them myself, though].
At least what I've heard about them they would fit in the scene quite well.

Maybe you can search a few threads about the Vmodas. lawbadman? (Sorry that I can't remember the exact name - "vibez" it was, I think)

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If you want good bass go for the Super.fi 5 EB's. A little more expensive but you should be able to get them for about 100-150 USD. Definitely worth it if bass is your thing. Good mids and respectably good highs too. I know that's stretching your budget a lot but if you have to wait and save some more you won't be disappointed.
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Thanks for the help guys.
Based on your suggestions I will go for the Super.Fi 3.

But what about the V-MODA Vibe that MacFrank suggested, they look pretty darn cool? Anyone have any experience with it?

V-MODA Vibe VS Super.Fi 3 which do I choose?????
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For that price as everyone has outlined UE Super Fi 3s, but I'd suggest saving up a bit more for the Super Fi 5, much better IMHO, obviously then you could save up a litttle more and hit the TF10s if you wish

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