I really hate the term "Mid-Fi"
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Nov 28, 2011
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As the title says, I really hate this term as it seems that most people use it with a reference to price, and not as a reference to the performance of the equipment involved.

As such I think it's offputting and misleading to new members who may well get the impression that they have to be spending thousands to get a decent setup, which is plainly not true.

Sure there is some fantastic equipment costing thousands, but equally there is some fantastic equipment costing a couple of hundred, and some of the cheaper equipment can perform very close to the performance of far more expensive equipment to the extent that the differences between them could simply be a case of just being different rather than any real qualitative differences.

I know this thread won't actually stop the use of the term being used, but it maybe be of help to the newcomers to this hobby who pop by this thread, to which I wll say this:

Don't be put off a piece of equipment just because somebody has described it as Mid-Fi. More often than not it's a reference to the price of the equipment rather than it's actual abilities, and you do not need to spend a fortune to get a high performance rig.

Mini rant over.
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My sentiments exactly.

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