i own Pioneer HDJ-1000, to which ones should i upgrade?
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Sep 16, 2013
i have been using my HDJ-1000 limited black edition for 2 years now, i love them but they are extremely uncomfortable, after a year i could be able to use it for 10 hours, but i can't stand the thin pad it has that feels like the sun after hours of using them. i have absolutely NO idea of which others to get because i would be using them for hearing music, from metal to hardstyle and electronic, jazz, flamenco, classic, and pretty much everything you can think of. what's for shure is i can't stand having headphones that don't have a good bass. i also use them for gaming alot. my whole 1000 hours on battlefield 2 have been spent with this headphones. so, i have absolutely NO IDEA of what to get! i saw the AT- ATH-M50 headphones which IMO i tried them and seemed to have a better bass than mine, but something in me says it would be a waste of money to upgrade that little.
NOTE: im also looking for new headphones because the hdj 1000 started breaking and would probably last me until 2014.

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