i love microsoft peripherals!
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Hello, I'm the Community Manager for Das Keyboard; Das Keyboard is definitely a great tactile experience with the clicky switches and a solid piece of technology, but it's definitely not silent. Tell you what, if you end up getting one, let me know and I'll send you some earplugs for your wife if it's too loud for her. Good luck with your research! @daskeyboard on twitter

Alright! Celebrity guest-appearance!

-Welcome to headfi!
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Diggin' up an old thread here but....I am a big fan of microsoft peripherals too. I own a Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000 headset and for the £15 I paid for it I was pleasently surprised. I just needed a USB headset for my laptop and wasn't expecting much but they actually sound pretty nice and the microphone works so well and is so clear. On the basis of the quality of the headset I plumped the money for a Microsoft Lifecam Show headset which also worked very very well. If the rest of the Microsoft line is as good as these two items then Mr. Gates has hit the nail on the head.
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got a ergo 4000

the spacebar is too stiff and i'm too used to pressing the "b" key with my right hand. i'll use it, someday, when i have a bigger desk.

so i just bought myself an apple keyboard and am pretty satisfied

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