I just moved to DC from Florida. Now what?
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Jun 21, 2006
I just started a new job in DC two weeks ago as a web developer for a PR firm. Liking it so far, but I don't think I'm seeing enough of the city.

I've done all the touristy crap during several business trips here over the last year, and I've got plenty of bleary memories of The Black Cat and R&R Hotel, and if I eat another hot dog off a cart my stomach will explode. So now what?

I live in Adams Morgan and work on Thomas Circle. Any cool stuff within cycling distance? Any hi-end audio shops to piss my paycheck away in? Bars? Bicycle shops? Record stores? Must-eat-in restaurants?

Help me out here, Head-Fi.
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If I were you I'd be trying to crash at the HeadAmp shop - frequently.
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I just moved to DC from Florida. Now what?

Strip down to your underwear put on your favorite headphones crank some tunes and dance!
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Orpheus is closing. Sad state of affairs. Don't bother.

Don't miss Soundworks in Kensington, MD - Just outside the beltway. Just go North on Conneticut. As for headphones they only have Grado. BUT they have like 6 listening rooms and some great gear. Friendly staff that will turn the tubes on and leave you alone - how could that be wrong

CD Cellar in Falls Church has decent selection at cheap prices. Even what they mark as scratched is usually in good shape.
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Obviously, there's obviously plenty of good stuff available in Adam's Morgan but if you're interested in trying some amazing ethnic cuisine or just want to get out of town, take the red line to Bethesda. Bethesda holds some kind of record for restaurant per area or capita or something and theres also a Barnes and Noble (the center of town) an art movie theater and a commericial theater and a very good theater company within walking distance of the metro. Oh, and I live there.

@Asr, Headamp is 2 and a half hours+ from DC. One can dream though.
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If you are inside the Beltway, stock up on Cipro
I am little west of Beltway...so I am little safer. If you get bored...come to the meet I am hosting in mid April
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There's also Myer Emco audio which used to be the high end of choice in several decades past but now needs to be checked out for its current state of affairs. And I have come across Command AV in Falls Church which carries some good lines of equipment. Soundworks in Kensington, as mentioned, is maybe the best around but has suffered from the difficulty of competing with internet offerings. Ask for Mark Haflich, a very knowledgeable dude, who is one of the owners and a friend of mine.

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