I just got my DT990 Pro's
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Aug 7, 2015
Just got them in the mail today and I'm happy happy happy. Base seems a little weak but then again I'm just running off w/e ever my Z170 delux has. I ordered my O2 amp and it shipped today so hopefully that makes the bass a little better but I can already tell a night and day difference between these and my old Turtle Crap Px3's
Thanks for everyone that took the time to help me decide on headphones and an amp!
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When the O2 amplifier is connected to the computer's on-board audio, try setting on-board audio for "2-channel" and "Speaker" output.
The "Speaker" setting might feed a better signal, to an external amp, then setting on-board for "Headphone".
Or it might not make a different, but just try it, see if you notice a difference (for music).

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