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I Find This Distressing

  1. scrypt Contributor
    If necrophile means what we imagine it must, then why in Scrod's name would anyone want to be described as an audiophile? Do we really go to a CES trade show hoping to encounter Steve Guttenberg writhing on a Persian carpet with a Zana Deux Super pressed against his pelvis?
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  2. Muinarc
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  3. Double-A
    Thank you, Muinarc.
  4. wink
    I love my headphone gear - I don't make love to them,,,,,,:ksc75smile:
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  5. scrypt Contributor
    Thanks for the lesson in common suffixes! Since I edit books and magazines for a living these years, I had no idea what -phile could possibly mean!

    Question, Muinarc: Do you make a distinction between a joke and a serious objection? If so, are you familiar with rhetorical forms that seem to be saying one thing while actually implying another? The mock encomium is one example, but there are countless others.

    Question 2: If I've been here since 2002, as my avatar suggests, then what are the chances I'd be unaware of the common meaning of a word like audiophile, which has been used here every day for at least fifteen years?

    Question 3: If I weren't acquainted with the parlance of audiophilia, then how would I be familiar with Steve Guttenberg the critic, amps by Craig Uthus, or audio shows in general? If I know about those things, then how likely is it that wouldn't know the hoary term being discussed in this dare-to-be-dinky thread?

    Sometimes it's more entertaining to play with a word we all understand than to use it in the expected way. Everyone seems aware of what audiophile means, but few people add the word to imaginary lists of forms of sexual deviance and then alert their rabbis. (Yes, I've alerted my imaginary rabbi.)
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
  6. Music Alchemist
    As a fairly experienced audiophile, I can't help but make sexual references in my head when thinking about (and doing...things with) audio equipment.

    At first it was about my fidelity to it, but now I want it to have fidelity as well. I've invested too much into this hobby for it to cheat on me with some other schmuck.

    ...Then again, I tend to go through gear like there's no tomorrow, and who knows how many partners some of this stuff has had by the time we got together. Maybe we should get tested.

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  7. Muinarc
    Yes, sometimes.

    Hard to say, I don't know you personally. Nothing surprises me these days.

    See above.

    Happy Holiday's to you too.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
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  8. scrypt Contributor
    Understood, but you don't have to ken me personally to glean context. Someone who's acquainted with mildly esoteric kit creators and a frequently cited critic who characterizes himself as an audiophile probably has a history with the term even if that person is a stranger to you -- especially if they've been a head-fi member even longer than you have, and you've been here since 2004.

    Since you don't know me personally, I hope you'll view this exchange as jocular and not snide. After all, no heron, no fowl.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
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  9. Pewterlocks
    Why yes, yes we do.
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  10. bangraman Contributor
    Well, one could define it as a form of self-flagellation.
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  11. scrypt Contributor
    "My freedom will be so much the greater and more meaningful the more narrowly mercilessly I limit my field of action lash my aching auricles and the more I surround myself gore my ossicles with obstacles serrated highs. Whatever diminishes constraint breathless agony diminishes constraint arousal."
    -- Igor Stravinsky, The Poetics Suggestive Cups of Music Deliciously Bright Headphones
  12. youngarthur
  13. voxie
    Eh, I'll have whatever they are having.
  14. wink
    ....and a cup if coffee.......:ksc75smile:
  15. Dulalala
    Oh... Maybe that's why the earpads stains won't come off...

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