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I am lost and I am about to pull my hair out!!

  1. Awsan
    Coming from an ATH-M50x I wanted something that will sound nice for EDM and Gaming but looking around right now I am lost reading all about HD58x,HD6xx,DT177x go,shp 9500, x2hr (10s more)and many many more.

    The problem where ever you read or watch you hear someone swearing by one of the mentioned headphones, Spent 10 yours yesterday running around google trying to reach a solution which made me sign up at last after years of lurking.

    Now I wanted to ask after trying to settle on something Either the 58x or 6xx gonna pair them with a mod mic for gaming and a DX3 or MX3 as a DAC/AMP. (Will the DX3 and MX3 work great with games?)

    Can some one for the love of god tell me what kind of a difference can I expect from the 58x 6xx and the DX3 and MX3.

    Thanks a lot (And if you have any other suggestions for around the same price or even lower :) I would love that)

    P.S: I already have the modmic on my M50x. (Going to the other side of the forums to know which KZ or Tin IEM will I buy)
  2. surfgeorge
    Maybe this helps?

    There are so many opinions on the internet from ppl with limited experience (including myself :) ) but this guy seems to have extensive experience and is explaining it very well.
  3. Benno1988
    Curveball. Beyerdynamic MMX300 Gen 2 with the Dekoni Choice pads.
  4. Awsan
    Thanks for the share, Gonna watch some of his videos and see if I get a final answer.

    Hahaha a real Curveball but the problem is I already own a 70$ mod mic and its not worth replacing it at the moment (+ I have a salty point of view towards gaming targeted headphones even if they are coming a great manufacturer, which can get very unhealthy )
  5. Benno1988
    Watch some reviews on them. Z Reviews has a new one up.

    They are a tweaked DT770 that they slapped a mic on. They are a legit stereo headphone, then put a mic on.

    I have them. Def don't dismiss
  6. Awsan
    Just watched the review and it seems very interesting , how do you think it compares to the 177x go and what DAC/AMP would you take with it?
  7. Benno1988
    The DT1770 is the successor to the DT770. So they are related. But you are at different price points too.

    I haven't spent long enough with the DT1770 (haven't heard DT177x) to really say.
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If it's just for gaming the older driver designs on the HD58X (though revised) and HD6XX wouldn't bring anything to the table more than what the SHP9500S does, and require more power. If anything the Sennheisers are easier to service but then again would you pay $45 for earpads or gut old earpads to mount a Brainwavz earpad, or just get another headphone to replace the SHP9500S.

    Also, no need for the DX3 or MX3 for the SHP9500S barring a really crappy motherboard and you don't have any expansion slots left for a soundcard. And you can use virtual surround DSP off a motherboard or soundcard in case the game you play doesn't have it, which, if you use a USB DAC with a motherboard that has this feature, will just bypass it.
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  9. Awsan
    First of all I wanted to mention, No not only for gaming, gaming is barely 35% of its use, music is my main focus but still I want to have a decent gaming set. second of all I want to start building up for a better setup thats why I was asking about the DX3 and MX3 as right now I have a GE75 from MSI with a decent ESS Sabre HiFi that is actually not bad at all compared to some cheap dacs (And it is paired with an internal AMP)

    So pardon my ignorance but what If I get a SHP9500 (For 55) and stick the mod mic on it and call it a day for gaming, and get another set with either a DX3 or MX3 for music and keep them within an arms reach (Both can be connected to the laptop one through USB on the dac/amp and the other on the internal sound card for gaming)

    And if I go this route is the DX3 or MX3 my best all in one for 180$ and what the differences between them both and what headphone would you recommend ~$200 for EDM .

    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
  10. Benno1988
    MMX300 has a nice sub bass presence :O

    Doof doof
  11. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I'd get the SHP9500S and hook it up direct to the MSI laptop. It can drive it well enough for gaming, and you can easily utilize the audio DSP for gaming that would otherwise be bypassed if you used USB.

    Getting another headphone purely for music on top of that later on isn't a bad idea. You won't have to rush getting the DX3 or MX3 now either. Use the SHP9500S for music for now and save up not just for a headphone upgrade but get a DAC-HPamp that will drive it well.
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  12. Mhog55
    The problem is that we all like and hear things differently. Reviews are personal and subjective. I feel the best thing to do is to find commonalities amongst reviews. The rest is really just rolling the dice, unless you can demo. It's a game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
  13. Awsan
    I agree it seems like an amazing choice, thanks for the info :)

    Thanks a lot, Gonna give this a try as a friend is getting a SHP within this week and see how it goes from there.

    True I agree that past some point all you get is quality only how you hear them is the problem, and I am afraid spending ~$600 and then hate what ever i bought for some reason.
  14. Mhog55
    Whatever you purchase, buy them from a place with a solid return policy.
  15. Meester
    Sorry ignore my comment
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019

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