Huge leap into "Audiophile range " headphones
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Jul 9, 2019
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I just ordered the DT770 pro 80 ohm version and they should be coming in tomorrow. I have a laptop setup and I'm really unsure if it will be enough to drive them . I have a budget of not more than $100 to spend on an AMP. Is the fiio e10k a good choice for these cans or are there any other DAC/AMPS you would recommend ? I would also like to know if there are any tweaks that can be done to improve the sound on them
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The E10K would do fine with those. I like mine a lot - it's powerful enough for most headphones and it has a nice tactile volume knob with visible numbering on it. No battery though so not a portable amp.
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I don't really see any reason in buying Amps/DAC's at or below 100$ unless it is an issue of having not enough power to drive inefficient/high impedance headphones which in your case most likely won't be an issue.

Just think how much of these 100$ will go into the dealer margin, marketing, transportation to the dealer, the case and all that and you will start to realize that the internals are most likely not better than the stuff in any other smartphone or on any other sound card in your computer.

Just power your new headphones out of your notebook, you will be fine at this point.

Cheers and have fun with your new headphone :)

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