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HTC 11 (aka HTC U 11)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by rockstar2005, Jan 2, 2017.
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  1. RockStar2005
    So do you guys think HTC will give us the "Ocean" style phone we've been waiting for, or no? 
    Which phone are you anticipating? The HTC Ocean Smart (midranger?), HTC Ocean Note (phablet?), or the HTC Ocean Master (main flagship??)?? I myself am mostly looking forward to the Ocean Master, assuming it's the 5.2" flagship I think it will be. 
    The "Ocean" style and design looks really awesome. Hopefully HTC isn't just blowin' smoke on this one. I also hope they actually DO release these phones in January. Hopefully that's what they announce on Jan. 12th
  2. RockStar2005
    Interesting results here on sound quality/volume of 2016 flagship phones. Overall, it seems clear the HTC 10 is the winner. And there isn't as much of a difference for headphones power output b/t the HTC 10 and the LG V20 as I'd thought there'd be. 
    I hope the HTC 11 is as successful as the 10 was vs. the other flagships. 
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  3. rikk009
    A friend has got a test Ocean but since it has no name on it or specs it's hard to say, since he is in different city can't verify the SQ.
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  4. RockStar2005
    Really?!! VERY interesting!
    Which one? The phablet Note one? Or Master one that I'll prob buy?
    Can he confirm ANYTHING? Does it really have NO buttons?????? lol
    Are BOTH speakers in FRONT where they belong?! lol
    Tell me everything please! lol
  5. rikk009
    Yes it's huge. 5.7 inch screen, same size as V20. No buttons. Slight curved borders. 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM. QuadHD AMOLED. Android 7.0. No 3.5mm jack. Full ceramic body. Rear camera 12Mp front 16MP(ultra pixel), back camera has bump. That's all the info he gave me.
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  6. RockStar2005
    Ok that MUST be the Ocean Note then. I hate phablets lol, so I really only care about the Master. But since they're all related I wanna know about all of them, even the Ocean Smart, aka mid-ranger. 
    Wow, 2K eh? And AMOLED not LCD?! Interesting. 
    YESS!! NO buttons is AWESOMEEEEEE!!! [​IMG][​IMG]  One article I saw the other day claimed a case for the Ocean Note had cutouts for the buttons, but it sounds like BS. [​IMG] lol
    Hopefully this new design gets people excited about buying them. 
    Ceramic?? Hmm. Nice.
    Yeah the trend to have no 3.5mm port/jack is taking over. Guess when I'm in the car I won't be able to charge my phone AND listen to music at the same time anymore? lol I know Apple has a cable to do that that's like $40 lol, but not sure they have one for Android yet? 
    Back camera has a bump? In a way that sux cuz not smooth, BUT, the bump means the picture/video quality will very likely be impressive b/c it can zoom in more. You've probably seen the new articles saying they plan on having a better overall camera score on DxOMark than the Google Pixel has? The bump supports that. 
    Oh, did he say MediaTek or Snapdragon for the processor? Or didn't say? I don't care if they use MediaTek for the Smart, and even for the Note, but I just hope they don't for the Master. lol 
    Thanks so much rikk! 
  7. rikk009
    Yeah, the picture quality according to my friend is better than Google Pixel. They have improved the night shot a lot. Oneplus 3 doesn't come even near.
    If the sources are to believed the OCEAN should have Snapdragon 835 but can't confirm on that yet.
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  8. RockStar2005
    Yeah that's what the reports are sayin' too, that they are determined to beat the Pixel (which funny enough, HTC BUILT for Google lol). 
    Yes I know akg fanboy was sayin' they need to work on those low light shots, so that's good that the issue is being addressed on the Ocean series. 
    I hope so. Just as long as the Ocean Master doesn't have that MediaTek garbage, I'll be happy. lol But it would make sense for the Ocean Note to have the 835 too, not MediaTek. They don't wanna be dumb like Sony Mobile was by making their phablet last year run on a crappy processor (MediaTek MT6755). But HTC might be. I hope not though. lol
    The mid-ranger (Ocean Smart) can have MediaTek for all I care. lol
  9. akg fanboy
    hmmm.... 16 megapickles and better low light don't add up for me, sony hasn't released any new 16 megapickles sensors with larger sensor sizes than previous ones, the largest mobile ones they have is the imx377/378 which is just short of half an inch and those are 12 megapickles. The only rumour I'm aware of is samsung making a 1/1.7" sensor, so it's either that or a brand new sensor sony hasn't released any information on (which they usually do before a manufacturer). The ceramic body thing seems unlikely and a step backwards if you ask me, but maybe some models will have it
  10. RockStar2005
    Megapickles? lol
    I dunno. I'd have to see how it looks to judge it. 
    I really hope on the 12th they don't JUST reveal the Ocean Note, but all THREE Ocean phones. And with that, if they're cool, it'd be great if they released ALL of them later this month in order to get the jump on Samsung and LG. lol Guess we'll know a lot more next Thursday.........................................................................
  11. akg fanboy
    Yes, it's a satiristic way of conveying the whole megapickle war with larger number=better thing lol. Smaller megapickle counts with a larger sensor means larger pickle sizes (1.55 micropickles for imx377).
    If there are multiple models, definitely interested in the note model. Don't shame me if I don't end up getting an htc though, we'll have to see first [​IMG]
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  12. RockStar2005
    I C. Clever! lol 
    Oh, I won't judge. I just hope they don't use MediaTek for anything else except the mid-ranger. lol Some of the rumor articles have said the Note will get MediaTek, but F them. LOL Some of the ppl I'm closest too prefer phablets too. Whatever......to each his own. I had the S7 Edge for like 2 weeks and that's not even as big as the Note 7 was, but it's still a phablet. lol And I thought it was too big, so yeah.........Ocean Master for me!!! lol
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  13. akg fanboy

    Yeah I hate how the larger version of a phone always has downgraded specs. Sony (xa ultra), oppo, xiaomi, asus, and others all do this.. Only samsung and lg make larger phones without downgraded specs. Huawei, oneplus, and zte don't count because their flagship is only available in the phablet form lol

    I really want to see an htc phablet because I remember the htc one max (larger version of m7), that thing was awesome and the first to do an all metal body with a removable back. I would also like to see sony revive their z ultra line as well
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  14. RockStar2005
    Yeah I'll give Samsung and LG credit there. lol
    I C about HTC One Max. Removable back? Interesting. 
    Yeah a lot of ppl love phablets, so Sony, HTC, etc should offer BOTH non-phab and phablet options EACH and every time with the SAME basic specs. Obviously battery and screen size will differ, but everything else should be the same each time to keep things fair. 
  15. aertus
    there is the sony z5 premium for phablet with high specs. 
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