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HP50, HD558, HD598 or? for Home Use

  1. boybandista
    I already have a Westone UM1 for use when I'm out commuting, so now I'm looking for a nice gear for home/office use.
    Of the following, which would you guys recommend the most?
    NAD Viso HP50
    Senn HD 558
    Senn HD 598
    I'd prefer it if it needs no amp, but I guess I could buy at least a Fiio E12/E17 if its needed  to shine.
    From reviews that I've read, I am leaning towards the HP50s, but its weird look is somewhat putting me off. I'm already imagining the weird looks that I'll be getting from my family/officemates with the HP50s. The Senns look really good, but they are open-backed right? Does it leak sound by the bucketload? 
    I usually listen to acoustic, female vocals, classical and a little of pop/rock music.
  2. AnalogSavior
    The NAD Viso HP50 comes highly recommended by many, and while I don't have experience with them, I'd be willing to give them a shot.  Personally I think they look pretty snazzy.
    Here is a review to help you decide: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/i-love-these-headphonesthe-nad-viso-hp50
    The HD558/598 are very good, but do leak sound, especially at higher volume.  If you need isolation or are going to use them in a place where you will bother others, I wouldn't consider any open cans.
  3. zanox
    well, for your music taste , i would highly recommend the HD 598.
    but yes, they do leak.
    if you really mind the leak, then go for the hp50.
    but for me - HD 598> HP 50 for classical music. no brainer.
    reason -
    classical music is the hd 598's strong suit. they have huge soundstage , warm mids with smooth treble which is very airy without being bright.
    read my review to know my experience with them :)

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