How to use my home cd player with my headphones
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Jan 21, 2005

Originally Posted by mplee79
How do i use my home cd player with rca cables and optical out to my headphone amp or headphones?

The best way would be to buy a headphone amplifier. (If you haven't already got one)

You take a stereo rca cable to the back of your headphone amp (Which may also have rca cables) and just plug your headphones into the amp.

Another way is to get a lead that has rca at one end and a mini stereo plug on the other and buy a much cheaper battery operated headphone amp. Tp plug your headphones into a mini amp though, you would also need a convertor lead for your headphone Jack plug.

Even cheaper (nothing) is if your cd player has an output on the front, just plug straight in. I have a Marantz player (amongst others) that sounds good straight into the front and there is also a volume control which is even better.


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