how to transfer music to ipod without itunes?
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Jun 9, 2006
I absolutely hate the itunes interface. I have a gen5 ipod and want to be able to simply drag music from explorer view directly into ipod without dealing with the playlist BS. What is the best alternative software to do this?
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Wow thats a lifesaver!!!
Now I can send songs to ipod without losing by Sanity but can I view songs inside my ipod somewhere on foobar?
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Well, depending on what you choose to sync with your iPod, the tracks in your playlists on Foobar will mirror what's on your iPod. So, for example if you choose to sync with the Library Viewer Selection, every track in there will be on your iPod. When you go to iPod > Synchronise..., you get the options of which playlists you want to sync with. I haven't used iTunes in many a year, but I seem to recall the syncing process was pretty similar.

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