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How to make wired headset to wireless ps4.

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by RitchieB, Oct 28, 2017.
  1. RitchieB
    Can anyone give any ideas on best way to utilize my cans wirelessly for use on a ps4?

    I have broke my original ps4 headset and had the idea to try and use my cans.

    I can not use wired as it's for use in a large living room.
    The ds4 port option will not be good enough obviously and optical is obviously not wireless so can't get the best sounds.

    What would I need to purchase?

    My broken headset has a
    Bluetooth receiver. Could that be used in some way.

    I know I'll have to buy something to make the set up work, buy what do I buy?
    If there is no decent, possible way to make wired headset to wireless, then I'll just buy a gaming headset.

    My cans are not to power demanding Audio Technica ath-m50x

    I'm not as techy as most people on here so be nice. Thx
  2. Brown Smith
    Wireless headset microphone is very much like your Bluetooth device which helps you in listening music and talk to another phone without any head phone. You can found several such Bluetooth headphone and earphones on various e-commerce sites like e-bays and Amazon. Some time they are extremely tiny which are known as ear-buds. I currently own a Wireless Microphone Headset that let me talk and listen music without any wire which I bought from Warehouse Sound Systems Melbourne Australia. It is doing great job for me.
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  3. Roseval
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  4. RitchieB
    Oh righttt. That's what I need to buy. Great info guys. Thanks a lot.

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