How to get started in Audiology?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 9, 2009
What sort of qualifications do you need to become an audiologist?
I'm 25 years old, but I've never really found anything I was truly interested in, but I think this may be it.
What does the average day involve?

I had glue ear and various other problems with my ear at birth and was incapable of deciphering speech at the age of 5, however thanks to various surgeries I am able to hear from about 22-17khz.

I'd like to get involved in some way with helping people with their hearing problems.

GPA was 4.0 so thats not an issue.

Locally it seems that a degree in linguistics, psychology, speech and hearing science, biomedical science or physical and behavioural sciences is required to take the MCAud... which do you think relates most specifically to audio, how the ear works and speech?
Linguistics doesnt particularly interest me, nor do physical and behavioural sciences.

Biochem seems like the shortest path for me, becuase I could probably skip half the course on credit

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