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How to connect HQplayer to a DAC?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Tekunda, Feb 23, 2019.
  1. Tekunda
    I have read quite a few things about the SQ of HQplayer and downloaded a manual how to stream Quobuz with the help of Kodi and HQplayer.
    So once I have succeeded in setting this up and once I will be able to apply some of the filters, what is next, since I have a Marantz DAC1 with built in headphone amplifier?
    Is all I need to do is to go out via my computer's usb port and into the Marantz USB in port?
    Or is it necessary to circumvent the Marantz DAC and just use its amp section.
    Is the digital to analog conversion already done in HQplayer or do I still need to use an external DAC?
  2. Roseval
    HQ is software hence the input is digital audio and the output is digital audio transformed with the options HQ supplies.
    Connect a DAC to the USB and select this as output for the HQ player
  3. Tekunda
    Sorry to trouble you, but I don't get the last part.
    I assume you mean to connect my DAC with my computer's USB port?
    But how can I select it then as output for the HQ player? Should I go back into my computer's second USB port from my DAC??
  4. Roseval
    If you plug in your DAC, Windows will recognize it as an audio device.
    Next step is to tell your media player to use this device.
    So dive into the HQ manual
  5. Tekunda
    Thanks a lot!
  6. carlmart
    Sorry to revive this thread, instead of opening a new one. Perhaps I should do so.

    My successful recent experiments with an external audio manager, using a Raspberry, fed by Ethernet cable stream, and a Topping D50 connected to the Rasp output, all controlled by PiCorePlayer, turned out to sound so good in my main listening room, that I wonder how to improve my PC audio too.

    Next November's Black Friday I intend to buy a Topping D10 to use on my PC. But I thought I could begin experimenting right away.

    I already have the Topping D50 to try and a much simpler Behringer UCA202.

    Would HQPlayer a good player to try? Can I set it up for specific output DACs? You do that with PiCorePlayer.

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