How-to ATH-AD900x Detachable Cable Mod (ATH-ADXXXx) (and what NOT to do)

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  1. cityle
    The socket would be too large, unless you find one with a diameter of 8mm (which would be surprising) which is the max width for a socket to be installed. So as an other comment pointed it out, you can always do a "piggy-tail" mod to use the headphones with a mini-xlr.
  2. Pings
    Are you talking about the existing hole? I was thinking it would not fit. But, If I made the hole larger would be too large inside the cup?
  3. cityle
    No about the max width you can create, because anything larger would go through the entire width of the plastic ring.
  4. beatfried
    Thank you for your instructions!

    I did the mod yesterday and have some problems now which I can't really associate with anything.

    After the mod I made some Stereotests with the following findings:

    - Sound on Central -> Sound on Central
    - Sound on Left -> Sound same as for Central
    - Sound on Right -> Lower Volume sound but just on the right

    Can maybe someone pinpoint my problem?
  5. skwoodwiva
    Is that a regular 3.5 mm RCA?
    I find them unreliable .
    I have seen mini gold coax screw-ons that is where I am headed.
    Well I use kimber TC4 too so I need rugged
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  6. BrodieH
    I had a similar issue when i did this mod to my HD500X. It was caused by the left and right channels being wired up backwards, but it can also be caused if there is a bridge of solder between the wires or if the wires are touching. Hope this helps.
  7. darkaheart
    thank you for the guide! i just finished the mod with the ad900x. it actually took me a few times to get the soldering done right and then dealing with the coated wires i extracted from the the original cable. it was a nightmare! especially when i tried inserting the connector into the chrome plastic cover, the cables would touch and ruined the balance between the drivers. anyways, i removed the soldered cables, cut a piece of some broken earbuds cable i had and used that wire from there...i ended up routing the cables around the chrome cover (broke a side of the chrome cover) and reinserting the connector into the chrome plastic cover was a lot more easier.
    it wasn't that much of a hassle beside learning to solder properly as i never soldered before. i also ended up shorting the length of the original cable and installing a 3.5mm male to the end i shorten. even though, the cable is still unmanageable, its straight garbage. i really wish audio technica comes up with revision of this headphones with a detachable cable, regular headband and perhaps smaller earcups. all i gotta say is thank you for the guide, and screw you audio technica for the cable, other than that the headphones are great.

    IMG_2764.JPG IMG_2765.JPG IMG_2767.JPG IMG_2768.JPG
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