How the Sony Icd-Sx2000 blew my mind. (A 'sort of' review and hopefully discussion thread)
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Sep 25, 2014

Review: Digital Voice Recorder with S-Master HX amplifier and hi res audio playback
This is going to be super amateur, and short, though it won't be the type of review most of you do. This is a personal story about how this unit blew me away.
I am someone that has basically just been using his iPhone to listen to music. I am a Grado and earbud fan and since I listen to the majority of music while at the gym or going for walks, I find I like to use earbuds more.
I bought the icd-sx2000 for work, where I am required to record interviews with people. As a recorder its decent. The mics are very nice and it can record hi-res. It also has great transcription playback.
I was recently trying out earbuds and trying to get a better sound from my iphone when I stumbled across info online about the icd-sx2000 having an "S-Master HX" DAC. I had no idea what that meant but it sounded cool. I always heard a good amp or good DAC would improve my audio experience but since I enjoy portabililty I am not going to buy an extra box to lug around. Wouldn't work at the gym would it?
Anyways, ****TTTTTT. The sound improvement going from a iphone to this device has blown me away. Its like an audio orgasm.
Bigger improvement in audio then going from Sr-80e's to Rs1i's
Bigger improvement in audio then going from Dasetn earbuds to Yuin pk2
MUCH MUCH bigger improvement then from going mp3s to flac
Everything sounds crisper, the bass fuller, realer, more details, better EQing tolerance. Just great. I am addicted.
I tried to listen on my iphone again and it sounded like I was listening to music through a speaker under couch cushions. It's a bit fuzzy.
Even badly recorded stuff just sounds better..WAY better. I can't explain why.
I would prefer to only use my phone but since this has a dual function of voice recorder and iphone I'll keep it. 
I am worried that I'll never be able to listen to music on an iphone again, I'm worried I am getting addicted to the sound.
I don't know if its common knowledge but, what I take from all this, is that the best way to improve your listening experience is to get something with a good dac in it. 
I'm not sure how common that knoweldge is.
I have read that in blind iphone vs pono player tests, people could not tell the difference. 
That would not be a problem with this player. It sounds instantly noticeably good. And once you start playing around with EQ ayou can get the sound just right it gets fully immeresed in your head.
Its audio heroin.
So I am hooked. Its a great device, it sounds amazing 
If anyone wants to tell me anything about it feel free.
I will answer any questions I can if people have them.
I know there is a lot of me just saying how great this is and not a lot of details or objectivity. But Im not a seasoned audiophile, and don't have the time to be more careful in my understanding. 
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Jul 12, 2015
I'm contemplating buying this device for street interviews (I sometimes do some market research) and recording nice moments or recording some guitar sessions (although I'm just slightly above beginner level).
It kinda looks cool too, would match my ZX300 DAP =)

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