How the ACS T2 looks & feels now
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Apr 23, 2006
Hi to T2 owners soon or currently going under warranty repairs or who have just ordered:

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499kb JPEG file taken on a N95.

I got them back today from warranty repair

*As you will see the cable is now sheathed in a pinkish siliconish cover.
*Also, it's not the Neutrik plug as posted previously.
*The bit of the cable where the cable splits is now shorter. Too short for me to wear behind ears without it pulling on neck. There's no pre-bent plastic there.
*Also unlike previously, the length of the split cable is unalterable, you can't rip them yourself.
*The split cable also feels thinner, haven't accidentally tested it for sturdiness yet.
*Lastly, the little ACS logo on the pieces has a sonic wave infront.

I dont' think I like the unalterable shorter split cable length. I'm thinking of taking a scalpel and cut off the plastic bit used to shorten the cable slightly to lengthen the split. Atm it's too tight.
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Thanks for the info.

Its a shame that they no longer do the neutrik plug, I like the feel and it looks very solid.

To be honest if this is the new design im not really a fan, I like the original silver cable, I wonder why they changed it.

no offence it looks cheaper, how does it all feel?

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