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How I succeeded rattling the skull with passion and 70$

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by smoger, Feb 12, 2013.
  1. SmOgER
    To give it the beginning, I always considered myself as a basshead, however ! I can't live without certain amount of clarity, so it's not only about the bass. I looked for quite low-priced (good price/quality ratio), closed, bass capable portable over-ears for dubstep.
    After days of reading and searching in the local shops and their websites, I got an JVC's S600.
    Out of the box the bass was good, but they were muddy.  After some burn-in they gained some clarity and bass cleared out by a great amount, but I kinda missed thas sub-bass impact (+ too much muffled mids).
    I said Ok, let's EQ those:
    some decreasing of 125-250Hz and 4k-8K, some bass boosting via tone and  I almost got what I want. On some tracks it was like "WOW, they sound amazing", but on others peak limiting ruined everything and overall they sounded not that great.
    I assumed it was probably because mine HTC Desire HD was not capable enough (although I doubted it, as on some tracks bass was already almost enormous with no clipping/limiting so I thought maybe HP's itself were the limiting factor). Finally, I decided to get an Fiio E6
    Heck, I'am glad I did! It looks now as bass literally has no limits, cans can shake violently without any sign of limits from any corner. [​IMG]
    Same as for most people, I found Fioo's EQ2 (some boosted bass without losing actual clarity) the most suitable for me +  Poweramp with stereox and EQ (adjusted it more after plugging in AMP) + HTC fx enhancement: beats urBeats settings (I hate this brand :D, anyway, this fx alone gives more punchines and more clarity by increasing higher frequencies which for some reason normally distort when increased with standart  EQ, besides 16K in EQ is already boosted by practically as much as it can get).
    The end result is superb, huge amount of bass together with increased clarity = 2 times better listening experience !
    And as for 40$ HP's, it's staggering! 
     here's what I've settled on (for now at least, I became somehow addicted to EQ'ing [​IMG]
    After many trials and errors: 
    Stereox cranked up to the max as it only has a relatively small effect (unlike SRS, not aggressive at all and it doesn't mess up foreground/background sounds ratio), but it nicely exposes highs as well. Pay attention to the tones on the bottom, bass tone has a huge effect there, and what's for the treble, it distorts a little on some tracks if raised too much, but as long as I don't go over the line, now it's set somewhere just below (+ little room for error) the amount where this harshiness COULD POSSIBLY occur.
    (Don't mind the inproper beats icon, I modded the ROM png's :D )

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