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How good is the ASUS Xonar DG head amp sound card?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by denon2010, Nov 9, 2010.
  1. Denon2010
    Guys I bought the xonar DG for like $33 on amazon.
    I had a Xonar DX before but sold it and figured this may be worth it since it has a built in headphone amp and I never used a external amp for my xonar dx.
    How you guys think this will compare to a xonar DX? I am using a sennheiser HD 555 headphone and denon d2000
  2. Denon2010
  3. kevral
    Somehow I doubt too many people here have that card, as it's the lowest-end Xonar. I have one, though, for my backup gaming rig, paired with slightly modded HD555s. 
    With headphones it's better than onboard sound and worse than an Essence ST (which is the only other Xonar I have heard). Games work nicely, and music is OK but not fantastic. Bass is plenty but not very precise, and there's a bit of sibilance. The built-in amp only supports up to about 150 ohm phones, which is not a problem for the 555s (I run on the middle gain setting). 
    I'd call it a good gaming card for the money. 
  4. Denon2010
    Thankyou for your input friend. I guess in a couple days I will have it in my hands so I wil be better able to give it a proper review. 
  5. kevral
    I'm happy I got it, hope you will be too. It's a lot of card for the money in my opinion.
    (Been looking to get it since it was announced, but for some reason it was wildly overpriced in my sorry backwater excuse for a country until two weeks ago. The main importer is also the main online electronics shop, and they wanted roughly 120 USD for it - even after a little email exchange I had with them where I sent them links from the rest of the free world at 1/3 their price or less. Fortunately their main competitor priced it right (50 USD, which is as good as it'll get) two weeks ago and I jumped on it.)
  6. Denon2010
    Ok update I got the Xonar DG some months ago. But have not been on head fi much.
    I must say its a very good card. It sounds very bright and is probably great for music like Rock etc.
    I would say the Xonar DX is better for classical music. But the DX has no AMP. I paid $30 for the xonar DG and its a trillion times better than the onboard.
    I also did a review of it on Amazon.
  7. Lostcase
    Hey Denon.  As someone who is seriously considering dropping a few hundred on the essence stx, you now got me thinking about the Xonar DG.  I've never purchased a sound card and I am thinking about easing my way in instead of going all out for the STX.   
  8. audionewbieyao
    DG is a great card for sure, but if $$ is not an issue to you, I'd suggest go directly with STX.
    The dac section and the circuit design is definitely in the hi-fi level, and you won't regret it.

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