How does the ATH-EM7 'sound'?
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Kim Lau

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Dec 21, 2008
Well it looks like I'm in the market for a new pair of portable phones. I've looked at IEMs, buds and clip ons. I dont like IEMs due to my problem with earwax, and I would like something else besides earbuds. So I looked at clip ons. Right now I'm really interested in the ATH-EM7. From reading many opinions online, it seems that these are pretty detailed with not much bass. Im looking for a sound siqnature similar to the ATH-AD700. I like the AD's airy soundstage and detail. I also find that I prefer the AD's tight punchy bass to other phones. Would the EM7's give me that airy soundstage and tight bass or should I look at other clipons?

Feel free to recommend other choices, my budget is around $50.
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Oct 23, 2008
They're decent, but the KSC75 are my preferred clip-ons. I've owned both the AD700 and EM7... they both have forward mids like many other ATs, but being that they're a closed can, the EM7 isn't what I'd call "airy". Detail is decent for their size, though... they're a lot smaller than they look in pictures.

Both the EM7 and AD700 are quite bass light, but EM7 has little to no bass punch whatsoever, especially when you don't have them seated on your ear well. I personally love how the AT clip-ons look (black EM700 is tempting...), but I'd recommend the KSC75 over the EM7 any day.

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