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How does driver size affect virtual surround?

  1. EmberChrysus
    I'm looking for a new gaming headset and the most important factor to me is virtual surround for positional awareness. Since I will be using stereo headphones of course, I am wondering how driver size affects the accuracy (or I suppose the soundstage capabilities?) of the virtual surround. For example: would a larger driver allow for a more open environment and thus be able to more precisely tell at what point in a 360-degree scope a sound originated from, and how far away it was?
    The headsets I'm looking at are the Sennheiser G4ME ONEs and the Audio Technica ATH-ADG1. I was dead set on the Sennheisers because I've used the brand before, it's well-trusted, and it's renowned for its quality. However, it's damn near impossible to find driver specs on Sennheisers, but after some digging I discovered they use 35-38mm (not sure on exact size) drivers whereas the ATs use 53mm. 
    Now I don't know a whole lot about audio and I don't want to look like I'm saying larger drivers automatically mean the product is better, because I know Sennheiser is a reputed brand, but so is Audio Technica, so from a completely objective standpoint do you think the larger driver would provide better 3D sound? Both headsets are open acoustic.
  2. mindbomb
    larger is better. Another aspect is how it is angled, and the sennheisers are tilted at more of an angle I believe, so it makes up a lot of ground there.
  3. kostalex
    Deep bass is "must have" for soundstage size. Generally, bigger drivers are capable to move more air. But this an assumption with any specific choice. So I recommend to search the reviews of these cans for bass depth. Do not miss it with weight. ATH-AD700 is excellent with virtual surround while pretty lean on bass.

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