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How do people carry their mp3 players?

  1. Question2
    Obviously if it's cold, it goes into a jacket pocket.
    What if it's hot, and you can't wear a jacket?
    I used to put it in a jeans pocket, but the tight fit meant that the plug kept getting bent when i sat down, or crouched down to tie my shoe laces.
    Where do you guys put it?
  2. reeshahn
    Dude how tight your jeans are? :D I never had a problem keeping my sound source in my pocket.
  3. koppsach
    use a backpack, i know its not the optimum... :)
  4. blackstone
    any pocket thats not full of other crap
  5. Tanjent
    Sansa Clip + onto the pocket rim...
    or onto the inside jacket pocket..
  6. xkonfuzed
    I don't have a problem with any of my pants pockets since none of them are tight, i don't wear jeans either. 
  7. koppsach
    maybe different pants are not the solution he was looking for
  8. Question2

    They are not tight, but the pockets in jeans always feel small for me. Doesnt help that my mp3 player is rather large and boxy.
    Cable isnt long enough to go into my bag, and i really dont wnat to use an extender....
  9. Tanjent
  10. Bescomo
    I tend to store my music player and my cables inside the inner pockets of my blazer (or any of my jackets). That way I wouldn't end up having to keep stuffing loose cables into my pocket. [​IMG] If I don't feel like wearing a second layer because of the weather than I go with a hip pack.
  11. Seanchai
    I too use a waistpack/hip pack. Unless I'm wearing cargo pants, I usually can't reach my pockets (wheelchair user), nor get things in and out of them easily, so a waistpack is more convenient and avoids wear and tear on my cables, because they have enough room to shift when I do, so they don't get bent around as I move. Cable wear was a big concern of mine, too, because I've got good trunk control and a decent arm span, so I actually do things like bend over to tie my shoe or pick something up from the floor reasonably often... probably at least as often as the average person does.
    Wearing a waistpack in public used to make me look like a grade A dork and/or tourist, but they make nice looking, unobtrusive ones now. My current one is black leather and just big enough for my phone, sanza clip+, a pair of IEMs, and my wallet/keys/cards in a separate inner pocket, so as not to scrape the electronics. With a little rearranging, I've got room for another eight feet or so of cable, if necessary... which avoids the problem of where to stash a super long cable.
  12. Question2
    Hmm...yea i would think the waist pack makes you look like a dork. Anyone got a picture of them wearing it?
  13. Seanchai
    I don't have a working camera atm, so I googled for similar looking ones. This one is close to mine, including the ability to wear it messenger bag style like this:
    I wear mine across the front for obvious reasons (don't like the idea of expensive gear *behind* me and in reach of passersby). Still might not be your thing, but there are decent looking ones out there these days.
  14. Mshenay Contributor
    Honestly, I'm the kind of moron who runs around with a big freaking bag of crap in my hands and on my Pack, I used to use a little soft bag that came with my Sony Xb 700s' strap that to my wrist and away I went, I currently have a slighty bigger, soft mesh bag that goes on your back then a Meduim Camera bag inside of that [I've got old socks stuffed in the bottom for protection from dropping] with my Akg K550s in it. But I too where tight pants, [the chicks dig my nicely shaped ____ ;D] So My pocket are usless, hence the mini bag, although I'm a man of many messenger bags, So I usually strap my DAP and cans near my right side and my books to my left. I got beefy shoulders so the helps with the carrying of everything lol 
  15. Tanjent
    We will just call you HORSE from now on....^^^^^^^^^^^^^^lol

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