How do HD 650s Compare?
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May 17, 2013
Pardon me, but I'm going a bit headphone research crazy.  I was wondering how the HD 650s could be described vs say, the HD 518s.  I've owned the HD 280 Pros and while they were great for mixing, I couldn't get over the low end.  I also enjoy open-back headphones a lot more because I can still have a conversation with people without having to take off my headphones.  The 518s were by far my favorite sounding phones, but even those had something about them I just couldn't quite place a finger on.  I loved the low end however, but the midrange has something "funky" about it compared with the 280s.  I just ordered a pair of 598s which should be here today, but I'm already rethinking my decision to buy them after reading that they have more focus on treble.  Most posts I've read say the bass is thin and I do love my bass.  My question regarding the HD 650s is how does the sound compare with the 518s and the 598s?  I listen to all types of music, but a quality I like in my headphones is the bass for genres such as electronic/dubstep.  The 518s performed very very well to my ears in this regard.  Of course I'm going to test out the 598s for a week or so and see how I feel about them, but if they don't live up to my standards I was considering just dropping the cash on 650s.  I really wish there was a shop nearby to test them out for myself so right now i'm just going off what people can describe to me online.

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