How can I do this?
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Oct 16, 2002
I got an NFB-10SE finally! YAY! It's fantastic, almost like getting my HE-5LE all over again. I'm not here to review it though.
The one thing I want to do that I'm stumped on, is getting analogue output at the same time as my digital. The 10SE won't run its rear line outs at the same time as the phone output. (That would be too easy.) It seems like I should be able to convince windows to run both speaker and digital together, but I can't seem to find a way. My soundcard (Auzentech Prelude 7.1 X-Fi) seems perfectly happy to run S/PDIF and speakers at the same time if either device is specifically addressed by different applications. The reason for all this is simple, I want to run a second phone amp for my GF so we can watch movies in the apartment without disturbing the neighbors. I suppose I *could* hook the other amp into the single ended phone out on the 10SE to gain independent volume control, but that seems like a poor solution.
I did try to search about this! But it seems like an uncommon issue, or a hard question to search for. AKA, I didn't find much. Thanks for any help!
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Congrats :D How long did shipping take?
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Two or three days from CT. Bought it second hand from amcananey. I don't seem to buy new equipment any more, can't afford it!

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Ok, I broke down and tried just plugging the other amp into the single ended port to limit the volume. It's a perfectly workable solution for now. I still feel like an a-hole using a headfive just to tone down another amp, so it would be cool if I could get the speaker outs working at the same time..
At some point, I could even mod the 10SE with a pot for the single ended out.. In your face -7db mod!

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