Houston meet?

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  1. carloskleiber
    yeah i live in bellaire. if there's anyone around here let's meet
  2. hardbop Contributor
    There a quite a few Houstonians hanging around here, myself included. I haven't been able to attend the last couple meets, so I don't know how they turned out.
  3. Slaughter
    I missed the Austin and Dallas meets but I really want to go to a meet. Any more interest in another Texas meet?
  4. earache Contributor
    i would be up for a Houston meet....
  5. Apd
    count me in for a houston meet
  6. swt61
    I'd be up for a Houston meet if it's a little bit from now. I still have my new amps being modded, and my K340s being reterminated. Probably a month out.
  7. plaidplatypus Contributor
    I would need at least a month's notice. Is there a place you had in mind for the meet?
  8. johntraveler
    Due to work I missed the Dallas meet, but I would be interested in attending a Houston meet. I would need a couple of weeks notice.
  9. newguru
    I might be interested in going to a Houston meet. Someone PM me if this gets put together with a solid time and I will see if it fits my schedule.
  10. Kasp3r
    +1 here [​IMG]
  11. mrrookie
    [​IMG] i live pretty near the US border (in mexico)

    Am i allowed? [​IMG]
  12. earache Contributor
    so any movement on this, anyone? i really want to hear shure e500's!
  13. swt61
    I'd certainly be up for it, but my system is still 3 weeks out or so.
  14. carloskleiber
    so...when & where? i recently got my c&c box and dt770 pro/80's...
  15. captainzoli
    I'm down in Corpus, but would go, depending on place and time.
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