Holo Audio Red Streamer
Feb 6, 2024 at 12:15 AM Post #1,531 of 1,914
With the HQPlayer OS (HQPlayer embedded) is it possible to run convolution filter and upsampling on the Red and be visible as Roon endpoint - so using Roon as frontend?
You can run convolution filters in HQPlayer but they’re not running in Red. They’re running on the machine where you run your HQP server.
Feb 9, 2024 at 2:59 AM Post #1,532 of 1,914
A quick updated for those interested, the 2022.12.28 Red OS image mentioned earlier in this thread will load on my 2401 Red and Roon functionality is there.

update to 2023.03.10 = Roon yes
update to 2023.03.27 = Roon yes
update to 2023.04.15 = Roon yes
...most have followed this thread longer than I have, so you know when the cut off happens.

Ropieee 2024.1.1 for the Raspberry Pi 4 and Compute Module 4 also installs and Roon functionality is there as expected.
According to Wildism Audio HK's Facebook post, they are waiting for some Roon ready certificate to make it available again.
Feb 9, 2024 at 8:09 AM Post #1,535 of 1,914
There must be a hardware difference. Otherwise, I don't see why 1) they would get certification from roon based on serial numbers; and 2) the devices would act differently with each software versions. I've asked Jos @ Magna, but the reply was not very helpful. I guess we'll have to wait until roon certification process is complete and then we will know for sure.
Feb 9, 2024 at 8:26 AM Post #1,536 of 1,914
Remember that Roon can play to endpoints running Squeezelite - it's a good solution for the Red for now. Many think that Squeezelite sound better than Roon Bridge.
Feb 12, 2024 at 6:00 PM Post #1,544 of 1,914
How difficult is it to setup and optimize settings for audio quality? Is there a recommended guide?
go to the the ropiee website. Download the binaries. They have a manual. Download Balena Etcher and use it to install the files to a 16gb or greater SD card. Plug it into the back of the Holo Red and Presto! If you are trying to use Roon; this is the easiest way to go.

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