High isolation around $75?
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Jan 16, 2003
I'm looking for IEMs for airplane travel and the like.  I'd like a very high degree of isolation and reasonable sound quality.  I'd like something very comfortable, because I'd use them for many hours at a time, although I realize comfort is largely a function of the tips.  Something that works straight out of an ipod, phone, laptop, etc. without an amp.  Preferably about $75, give or take.
I mainly listen to rock (classic, metal, progressive) and 1950s jazz.
Maybe Ety mc5 for isolation, but I worry about bass.  Something else?
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Right now, you can find the Shure SE215 online for as low as $80, more commonly about $90. I know this is a little over your budget, but I'd say consider it nonetheless. I absolutely love mine, and it SERIOUSLY blocks noise. They're also very comfortable, the Shure olives are very comfy if they fit you (generally most people don't seem to have trouble with their fit), and they really provide a lot of isolation. And in terms of sound quality, I think they're pretty great. I listen to similar music, minus the jazz I suppose, and find their strong low end but overall balance to be really great. 
So yeah, if you're willing to go a few bucks over $75, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Shure SE 215.
Also, this was my 100th post. Go figure. Good stuff.
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Etymotic MC5's and HF5'a have the best isolation out there. You can get the mc5 here for $55, or the much better HF5's for $90 here. It is definitely worth it to pay more for the HF5. (For some reason the red ones are cheapest lol)

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