HIFIMAN Valentine's Day Sale!
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Sep 17, 2012
Listen to the sound of love this Valentine's Day with our irresistible headphone deals! Don't miss out on our Valentine's Day sale – visit our website today to find the perfect pair of headphones for your loved one!

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Most of the deals are quite good, but the only headphones I'm actually interested in have really bad offers.

The Arya variants have huge discounts, except for the organic which has only 100,- off. Every dealer at every time can offer that deal...

Also Susvara only 25% off... Not nearly as good of a deal as the rest.

I feel forced to pass on that again
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I already ordered the Svanar Wireless LE -- $199, which is $100 off of the regular price of $299.
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Also Susvara only 25% off... Not nearly as good of a deal as the rest.
It is the open box Susvara, it was always 25% off even withought this sale.
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It is the open box Susvara, it was always 25% off even withought this sale.
Exactly my point.

Both Susvara and Arya Organic can be had at this price at any time.

Those two are the only cans from Hifiman I might be tempted to buy if they had deals similar to the rest...
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There is no sale here. They just put all their refurb and clearance products up priced the same as 6 months ago.
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That Arya's gotta be the best bargain in headphones.

Glad to see those closed cans are at their actual prices, LOL.
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lmk once u get em, im interested
Well…. A mixed bag from me. 😅

They SOUND GREAT to me — clean, superb imaging, nice soundstage for an IEM, stay in my ears while I’m working out without needing constant adjustment…

….bur that’s with Spinfit W1 tips because the stock tips all sucked for my ears, were too small, and DID require occasional adjustment as they would slip out of my canal just enough to break the seal and destroyed the sound.

Worse, these tips do NOT fit in the case, so it does NOT charge (LED in case) until I take off the tips and put them in “naked” into the case.

Also, I am a profuse sweat-producing person (yes, I know, gross), and sure enough, my SWEAT DROPS at one point during my workout turned on ANC, ruining the sound and bringing it DOWN about 4-5 dB and I had to fidget with the finicky touch controls for several minutes until I accidentally hit transparency mode then finally somehow accidentally stumbled back into HiFi mode — and I still don’t know how I did it. 😂

So… I LOVE them so much I will try to memorize the touch controls but I HATE touch controls and every TWS I have that I CAN disable touch controls, I DO. 😅

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These from the HiFiMan online shop.
Picked up a pair of "refurbished" HE1000se, with discount for $1,710 all in (no tax or shipping, + they shipped from NY).

They appear brand new. Great sound. Lucky day for me. I thought I loved my Arya v2's... These things hit it well out of the park.
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