HIFIMAN HE-560 V3 vs Sundara at the same price?
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Mar 28, 2013
I have someone who will sell me a very good condition HE-560 V3 for $350, which is the same price that I can get the Sundara for on Amazon.

My first big HiFi purchase was the Grado SR325e because at the time I was fixated on rock and metal. My tastes have broadened in the meantime, and the limitations of the SR325e have become very apparent to me. The Grado is a very colored headset, and I'm looking for the exact opposite. Prior to receiving the offer for the HE-560 I was looking at the Sundara because it's a very neutral, uncolored, and detail focused headset. Is the HE-560 comparably neutral? How does the detail, distortion, imaging, soundstage, etc. compare?

EDIT: If it matters my audio equipment consists of a Modi 3 plugged directly into my motherboard via a TOSLINK cable and an original Vali that is definitely due for an upgrade sometime in the near future.

Which one would you choose between the two, and why?
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