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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Dobrescu George
    If you loved my video of HIFIMAN Arya, you should really check out my video of HE6SE, another amazing headphone from HIFIMAN that you'll fall in love with, provided you will have enough power to drive them :)

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  2. mixman
    Here is the problem, for me with the HE6. They are so hard to drive, the Susvara may be worth it for me but the HE6 would not. Susvara’s are on another level as far as sonic performance, these are just a different choice with the Hifiman brand.
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  3. bagwell359
    Ragnarok Gain 2 (of 3) is plenty for the HE-6. HE-6 is in a much lower price strata than the Susvara.
  4. mixman
    Well I don't have anything quite as powerful as the Ragnarok and neither is the Ragnarok cheap either!
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  5. Karister
    Thank you all for responses. Much appreciated. I should be able to audition Aryas next week. I am not sure if local store will have any other Hifimans HPs, though. Will ask.

    @Dobrescu George, yeah I've seen both your reviews along with many others. This is how I pick HPs to audition but I must admin that this is very subjective and I have different feelings quite often compared to reviewers. My biggest disappointed was LCD2C this way. So many reviews prise them for bass extension and quality. Well, that's true but hardly anyone mentions that they are extreme basshead heaven and truly smash head with bass. You actually mentioned that they have extreme bass but I found your channel after auditioning LCD2C.
    What I find pretty cool in youtube are live demos of headphones, mainly from Z Reviews and The Next Best Thing Studio channels. Really appreciate those guys' job. Even more cool thing is AB comparison like this Sundara vs Ananda:

    I like Ananda more. I find them ok in general, actually. Ok bass, smooth vocal, quite present treble, but not harsh to me. I could go with HP like this one, one just slightly more veiled one. But only a bit, not to loose vocals clarity. But of course it is biased due to listening through my heavily equalized Audioquest Nighthawks.

    I am hyped for Arya after opinions from @Tsukuyomi and @Dobrescu George. Slightly less for HE6SE as it was mentioned to be more vivid than Arya which in turn is brighter than HEXv2. Might be too much for me. Also, I find round ear cups less convenient. I suppose that Arya or HEXv2 would fit me. Unfortunately it is likely that I will not be able to audition second one. Regarding amp, I am powering all auditioned HPs with my Marantz HD DAC1. It never let me down in terms of power output.
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  6. bagwell359
    Well, everything is relative - especially to $6k headphones. BTW I should throw you more likes, I always read you with interest.
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  7. mixman
    Well I meant for use with the HE6SE. OTOH with the Susvara, as I understand, a better and more expensive amp will most likely be needed to get the most out of them. :astonished:

    Thanks.....you too!
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  8. Dobrescu George
    Yeah, He6SE is really really hard to drive, but man I like their sound. Pretty much only Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ can drive them properly from everything I have around :)
  9. Dobrescu George
    Thank you for your kind words :)

    LCD-2C is indeed a bit much for me in terms of bass, HE6SE from HIFIMAN is much better when I want some bass. Arya is slightly more bass light compared to He6SE.

    I have not heard HEXv2, but a friend who has them told me that they are a bit lighter on bass than Arya
  10. mixman
    So are you liking the HE6 more than the Arya right now?
  11. Dobrescu George
    Overall, Arya is more relaxed, more open, more airy. HE6SE is more... I'd simply call it harder to drive. HE6SE has more punch, it feels like everything is controlled differently

    For me, I'd take Arya any day for anything that's not metal or EDM, but for Metal and EDM, I'd take HE6SE. But Metal and EDM make a lot of my listening habits.

    He6SE makes absolutely no sense if you don't have anything to drive them with tho :)
  12. ls13coco
    Have you used Audeze LCD-2c for metal before? I'm curious how the HE6se compares directly for metal, as reading the 2c is great with the genre was a large appeal to picking up the 2c for me.
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  13. webmi
    look closely :)


    Arya <3
  14. Tsukuyomi
    A Rose!!!!! shame on you, if i was in germany id sample all your Riesling!
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  15. mixman
    Ha, that glass of wine is moving! How are the Arya?
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