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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Bonddam
    I’m soon will be testing both
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  2. Wifiman
    I think many have done in this thread include me.
  3. Wifiman
    Sure they do, all device will need some burn in to achieve stable working condition that sound designer aimed to. Just IMO in terms of planar headphones they doesn't make that much sense as the difference are so little. And im not saying burn in is pointless, I do burn in with some of my device too especially amps. And lets stick with Arya:ksc75smile:
  4. Wifiman
    IMO u will have a big chance doing that. BTW what amp ur using to power all ur cans?
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
  5. ExplodingFist
    So my Aryas finally arrived. I don't have the Anandas anymore to do a proper comparison, but from memory I can say these have less base punch for sure. I think the low end sound is probably a bit cleaner sounding. I'm not sure if that's an over all good or bad thing, but I suppose that makes it more neutral.Don't get me wrong, the base is still there, but it just has less oomf. The Sibilance issue that the Anadas have (guessing the 8k peak I've read about?) appears to be gone with these, which is definitely a good thing. Overall these sound really damn good with a really wide sound stage and very good clarity when focusing on specific pieces of the music. The only other difference I can speak to without talking out my ass since I can't do a proper back to back test is these seem to be more comfortable to wear, which I'm guessing is due to the fact the ear cups can rotate. If the exaggerated Sibilance of of the Anandas and other Hifiman (i.e. 400i, which was significantly worse than the Anandas by quite a bit) doesn't bother you, and you find them comfortable, I'm not sure these are worth the $500 extra to be honest (especially if you'd like a bit of extra base). Overall I'm pretty happy with them so far after just an hour of listening to them. It's worth noting that my Magni 2 Uber is at 80% to listen to these at what I'd consider my peak volume (higher would be painful fairly quickly).

    Looks like my M1060s (which I do love) are being retired next to my HD600/HD650s.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
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  6. Stewardess2
    Well I haven't heard any direct comparison, but the Ananda is said to be less bright than HE560 and the Arya has more refined treble than Ananda so I figured Arya also has less treble than the 560
  7. Wifiman
    560sounds thin and harsh when not properly amped, maybe that's the reason. Give it enough power and it will transform. Ultimate 560 sounds similar to hek, not sq tho.
  8. chimney189
    I think I like the HE-400i bass more than my HEKv2 bass response. I tend to like bass that is punchy, but the LCD-2C at the end of the day has the perfect bass for my tastes.

    I’m starting to feel like this could get close to a discussion where HEKv2 and Ayra are one and the same, thus a revival HEKv2 thread of sorts. :p
  9. Bonddam
    im using aune x7s, schiit asgard 2, monolith thx aaa 788 and smsl sh8 im waiting for thx aaa 789.
  10. Bonddam
    What this guy said is how I feel about the Aryas. The HE1000 V2 had rumble that these don't.
    question: Do you ever pull the earcups a little off your ears and hear low end come alive? It must be the ability for sound waves to complete in low region.
  11. Bonddam
    I gave in and decided to buy the HE1000se. I'm hoping they can be my end game.
  12. mixman
    Pretty much my matches my findings on the Arya that they are relatively smooth sounding HP's. Not too hot about the Ananda's peak, but I found the bass had more impact than the Arya's. When I listen to the HEK SE's I found it the highs returned and the bass impact did also. The Arya does image well though and does not offend. Wonder is there a way to get the Arya to sound a little more snappy?

    Is there less bass impact with the HEK V2 also? How would that bass compare to an HEX V2?
  13. Bonddam
    forgot my portable amp: vorzuge vorzamp pure II. It's amazing little guy.
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  14. ExplodingFist
    I didn't until you said that, but damn you're right. Dubstep sounds significantly better that way. It's like the bass is reverberating off the sides of the cups before it hits your ears. I don't suppose Hifiman sells thicker ear pads?
  15. ExplodingFist
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