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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Serge Bernamej
    No not really lol. It’s not that simple. The HD800S is a masterpiece of transparency, imaging and soundstage and it’s not done by pushing the midrange further ajahahahah that’s so funny !
    Take the Clear and EQ down the midrange and see if you get a wide soundstage.
    Good luck.
  2. Wifiman
    Its shouldn't be something that as simple as doing eq can do. The soundstage isn't about volume, as u push away the top range for bigger soundstage the midrange will some kind of follows.
  3. Wifiman
    Just got mine Arya, build quality still is ****ty.:expressionless: But I guess its nothing to complain for $1100.
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  4. wazzupi
    Why is the build quality bad ?
  5. Wifiman
    The leather on one pad has wrinkle and the grill is bent both side.... And the grill issue seems like a common problem.
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  6. ExplodingFist
    That almost sounds like someone returned it, and they repackaged it as new.
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  7. Wifiman
    Not that bad though, its more of a QC problem.
  8. devilboy
    Yeah. Considering the deal you got, it makes sense.
  9. devilboy
    Yeah considering the deal he got, it makes sense.
  10. Wifiman
    Normally it will piss me off even on a $100 dollar headphones, but its hifiman so... I am some how getting use to after all this.
  11. devilboy
    Hear are my initial impressions of the Arya and its comparison against the Focal Clear.

    Build quality and feel

    From what I've read about the Arya and other Hifiman products, I wasn't expecting much regarding build quality. However, it seems I am in the minority. While it's not at the same level as the Clear, it still was better than I anticipated. I expected it to be lighter and more "flimsy". I'm impressed.


    For me, the Arya is amazingly comfortable. Easily the most comfortable headphone I've had. Previous cans were Audeze 2 and 2 Fazor, (I know this isn't saying much. IMO, Audeze are ridiculously uncomfortable). Also had Hifiman 400i, Senn HD 800 and now Clear. Before the Arya, the HD 800 were the most comfortable for long listening sessions. The Arya beats them easily.
    During my time with the Clear, I never thought they were uncomfortable. That said, every time I removed the Arya and put on the Clear, I said, "Oh.....that's not comfortable". When placing the Arya back on I said, "Ah....now THAT'S comfortable". The Arya made me rethink my idea of how I thought a headphone should feel and will be my benchmark for comfort going forward.


    The Clear's strength is its punch. This is what initially turned me on to the Clear. It's definitely hard hitting, which I like (or thought I liked). It impresses in the quick demo but after a while and on certain sounds, the punch can be annoying. Think of keeping your ear right next to a snare drum. That's what it's like sometimes with the Clear......it hurts. Not so with the Arya. The Clear reminds me of when I sat in the dinner table right next to the stage at a jazz club in Philly. It was so "in my face" and aggressive, it wasn't enjoyable. That's what it feels like wearing the Clear. What I like about the Arya is it's less aggressive, like you're sitting in the center or a bit further back. The presentation is just less painful.

    Between the two, yes the Arya is more laid back and the Clear is more aggressive. In the end, I just don't want that aggressiveness DIRECTLY NEXT TO MY EARDRUM. I don't know if the Arya is particularly a laid back headphone, but when compared to the Clear, it is, and I like that presentation A LOT better. To me, everything is more organic and lush with the planar magnetic Arya. It's MUCH easier to have long listening sessions.

    Another strength of the Clear is its tonal balance but its achilles heel IMO is it's also kind of flat.....too flat. At times it's just boring and I'm wishing it was more fun. The Arya is a very fun headphone, IMO. I found myself enjoying music a lot more with the Arya.

    I didn't want this post to be a technical description of the differences between the two headphones regarding bass, mids, treble etc. I will however, give the obligatory opinions on a few things:

    I listen to a lot of classical and jazz. I also need my electronic stuff so for that I listen to Drum and Bass, Jungle and Dark Dub.

    Bass on the Arya is deeper and has more "weight". I'm actually thrilled with the bass. The bass on the Clear sounds anemic in comparison.
    Mids are SEDUCTIVE on the Arya. Very organic and natural sounding. There is more body to the music on the Arya as well. Mids on the Clear are less intriguing (putting it nicely).
    Highs on the Arya are detailed but SLIGHTLY recessed at times. Highs on the Clear are the complete opposite.....complete 180.
    Soundstage is much wider on the Arya. Not HD800 wide but who cares. It's sufficiently wide and believable. Soundstage on the Clear is very small.

    Overall, the Clear is very analytical and at times can be boring. I never thought I'd say that about them but it is what it is. I just don't want that after I've invested all this time and money into this madness. There is nothing I regret about my Arya purchase. I'm thrilled.

    Some albums to check out on Tidal, YouTube or whatever you do for music for some electronic bass to test your headphone:

    Enei "Machines"
    Kryptic Minds "Can't Sleep"
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  12. devilboy
    The entire Enei album is amazing, IMO. It's one of the things that made me fall in love with the Arya's bass.
  13. Serge Bernamej
    I confirm this impression. Also my experience with Clear and Arya; although would still not call Clear boring but punchy.
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  14. hemtmaker
    I definitely agree! The bass texture of Arya and HeKv2 are the best I have heard
  15. Wifiman
    Nice work! I too listen to electronic quit bit, only thing I want is a touch more bass to give a bit more punch at the low end. Otherwise its damn near perfect, I don't think I need any other headphones. its the end game for me. So anyone interested in he560?LOL
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