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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. tiamat556
    kinda wish they had the sundara style headband, those fitted my head better
  2. Slim1970
    Unfortunately, the new hybrid headband only works with round cups.
  3. tiamat556
    doesn't the jade 2 and the ananda have the sundara style headband ? those are shaped like the arya
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
  4. buffalomatt
    The Ananda has the hybrid headband style and the ear cups are the same shape as the HEK, HEX, Arya Etc...
  5. Por_Tu_Guy
    HIFIMAN Making alot of replacements for replacements at the moment also a bit mix matching of new and old styles.
  6. SilverEars
    Isn't this same as what he did years ago with the round cup classics? He put out a bunch of different marked models with the same physical design? HE-6, HE-5, HE-4, HE-500, etc..

    Much of them got over-shadowed by the HE-6. Partially probably due to the controversy over the HE-6's difficult drivability. People trying out all kinds of amps, speakers amps, etc..

    I see similar actions again with the similar cup designs modeled after HEK. Just like the classics, all these models will gain or lose demand, and prices will get placed at appropriate points in the used market. It's a matter of time with people's impressions, and opinions. Right now, Hifiman put his price on them, but we'll realize in a bit of time which has the best price performance ratio.

    Typical trend in the audiophile market is in stages:

    1. Hype. People buy at retail and hype up stuff with minute differences they hear or think they hear

    2. Later in time, more balanced reviews come out, we get more reliable information about them with the statistics.

    3. The pricing changes appropriately.

    So therefore, I will hold off until people jump on the bandwagons and provide much info, and see what results.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
  7. omniweltall
  8. rockytopwiz
    Yeah seriously, a truer words hath never been spoken on this forum.

    Hey SilverEars!

  9. bagwell359
    Can't argue with that.

    The HEX V2 has already seen essentially two big price drops. I think by early Spring they could be going low 700's used - which is a deal IMO.

    Not many people seem to be reselling the Ananda, but I imagine it will settle below the HEX V2, even if it takes 12+ months to do so. That change will be driven by rarity, initial price, and perceived quality.

    Already seen a few H6-se's being resold, and watched an old HE-6 bid on ebay yesterday which ended lower than it has been selling at over the past 6 months. Also a small plus bump on HE-500's the past six months as well.

    As a patient person on a budget it's a good thing in the mid-term for me since I'm a big fan of FB's creations, but, retailers and customers of pricey items do lose patience with a company that steps on toes by not protecting customers and dealers.

    I'm most interested in the Arya, HE-6, HE-5, but so far have only heard the HEX V2 and Sundara (of the current line above the 400*)
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
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  10. SilverEars
    I've realized for those that is on the budget, this hobby is turning out to be watching the market for headphones (and other gear). Figuring out when to buy and sell, and what price. Looking at price-drops on the classifieds, etc.. There are so many headphones now that market is quite saturated, and more complex with lots of selections that being tried and sold. You'd have to do a bit of research to narrow down the ones to be interested in.

    It's like this place is a stock market. You get hype and inflates, and then the demand fades, price drops.

    I sometimes wonder if I should be watching stocks and make greater profit than trying to save on headphones. LOL. I'm sure those guys on wallstreet is banking on same amount of time spent.

    The prices just depends on volume of buyers that will later sell, and of course time the price drops over. In all this it's just a trade-off of trying out the latest stuff or hold-off until we read enough reviews to make a solid decision. Thank god it's not like getting the latest smartphone or the like that you know for sure you are getting the most feature in the latest installments (as headphones and amps evolve differently).
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
  11. BuddhaBruce

    Many see the HeXV2 better than the Ananda, so I don't know how much more prices will drop on that. Add that with the fact that they are now discontinued, they may be highly desirable if people want an arguably better headphone than the Ananda.

    Yes, Hifiman pricing has been ridiculous in the past with the HE5690, HeX,HeK... but I think their prices are very reasonable now compared to other headphones on the market. I don't think they will be doing massive price drops/corrections on their products. Sundara at $500 is a solid price point, Ananda at $1000 is solid, Arya at $1600 is solid. They all compete well within their respective price ranges so I believe Hifiman had listened to their buyers and repriced their new releases within reason.
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  12. bagwell359
    I have heard the HEX V2 > Ananda. I've passed on two HEX V2's for $899 - one new in open box, and one mint used - in the last two weeks. I think low/mid $700's in six months is a pretty solid guess for a used one.

    HFM is my favorite brand - you also left out the 5se and 6se which will reverberate for some months -> year, and by then who knows what HFM will do?
  13. Jodet
    You know, I'm becoming disenchanted with expensive 'audiophile' headphones. They have great strengths which only serve to showcase their minor flaws into major annoyances.

    And when you can get things for under two hundred bucks like the HE4XX or the 58X Jubilee... who needs to spend almost two grand? If you plug a good set of inexpensive cans into a really good headphone amp (and I have two, one solid-state and one tube) the sound can be stunning.

    Five hundred bucks for a Sundara seems to me to be a good place to stop.
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  14. MaxPowerZ
    I hear you man, I got the 580 Jubilee a few weeks ago and they're a lot of fun. I don't really find them proportionately worse than my HD800 or Elear, more of a different taste. That said, there's something to the pin sharp detail in high-end gear that's absolutely intoxicating. Have a listen to the KEF Reference speakers for example, they'll make you hate most of your music, but man do they elevate good stuff.
  15. vlach
    So true.
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