Hifiman Ananda - DAC/AMP recommendation
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Jan 25, 2017
I just purchased a Hifiman Ananda (Sensitivity: 103 dB Impedance: 25 Ohm) but I find that when I run it off from my iphone or Laptop they don't sound great that they claim to be & I can say that they are better but not too far away from my 1more Triple driver in ear monitors.
I have some good quality audio files (dsd, flac) with me hence I think the bottleneck is the source component.
Could someone recommend me a DAC/AMP combo that will allow me to listen to Anandas to it's full potential.
Will a DAC/AMP actually make a great difference compared to a laptop or phone (I actually never have used dac/amp before)?
At the moment I'm looking at Burson Playmate, EarMen TR-AMP but I'm not too sure to pick what & why.
Thanks in advance. Cheers !!
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I would go Magnius/Modius combo. $400 for the pair is sure to beat out the Playmate with more connections options. Plus the Modius is one of the best measuring DACs on the market right now.

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