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Hidizs AP60

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by davidcotton, Sep 18, 2016.
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  1. farisq
    Hi @Hidizs @Hidizs Hk
    good job with the new beta firmware [​IMG]
    Now I don't have to put up with accidental touching the panel when screen off.
    One last thing, if you can assign pause command to any of the physical button, it will be perfect!
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  2. mmwwmm
    I received my AP60 yesterday. I bought it to use only as a USB transport for my Chord Mojo. Updated to 1.05 beta before using it for the first time. It works fine BUT only DSD64 works fine. When I play a DSD128 track I heard sometimes noise sometimes nothing through the Mojo so DSD128 output doesn't work. Any chance to fix this issue in a future firmware update?
    By the way I need some protective screen shield for my AP60 but I don't find any one in the web. Anybody knows any place selling it?


    P.S.: I have owned a Shanling M1 and have the same issue with DSD128 output. By the way both players sounds really different through the Mojo although it seems they have the very same hardware inside (in fact I definitivetely think both are built in the same factory cause packaging is extremely similar). M1 sounds definitivetely lighter and less "organic" than the AP60. AP60 is more akind sounding to the iPhone 6/Onkyo HF Player although I feel the iPhone/Onkyo HF player better sounding than any of the two players used as USB transport for my Mojo.
  3. music4mhell
    I have the opposite feeling..
    Previously i was using Oneplus One + UAPP as transport to my Mojo.
    With Ap60 as transport, Mojo sounds better :)
  4. mmwwmm
    Well, I use iOS so I can't use UAPP but I have tried Kaisertone and Onkyo HF player and both sound really different being the Onkyo HF player the most neutral and resolute sounding of both so I assume UAPP would be different sounding too. Being digferent apps different sounding makes me think some of them are not true "bit perfect" transports so the question is "which would be the one?". In my experience the best sounding option it's Onkyo HF player and the fact that is the only app suggested by Chord makes me think they have tested some and feel this is the right one app you must use (of course I know this is, unlike the UAPP, an universal app (iOS and android apps are available from Onkyo) so maybe this is one of the reasons Chord recommends this app. At the end one thing is pretty sure for me, some of these app are lying cause not all of them are "transparent bit perfect" cause they simply sounds different through the mojo.
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  5. NetMorin
    Should have been one screen protector in the box, and one on the AP60, if I remember correctly. Well, i just checked, and I still have one in the box, so at least 1/2 of what I said is true.
  6. mmwwmm
    Thanks! Yes, my AP60 came with one screen protector in the box but I ruined it with some dust particles so I need another one :frowning2:
  7. fichmana
    I got mine from Penon, got it without protector applied, and one new in the box.
  8. CactusPete23
    For many devices I simply use a generic protector, larger than screen I am protecting; and then trim to fit with scissors.    
  9. fichmana
    Can anyone pls check if they have BT sound when AP60 connected as dac to a computer? Mine (1.05) don't. wired works.
  10. TheoS53
    So what's the verdict on how the AP60 works purely as a transport?

    Hidizs will be sending me one for review in the next couple of days, and I'm particularly interested to see how it'll function strictly as a transport for my Micro iDSD BL 
  11. CactusPete23
    Have not checked...  BUT  1) Bluetooth does not use the DAC...   It sends out the audio PRE-DAC from what I understand...     and 2) If you are using the AP60 as a DAC, you are probably bypassing the "front end" stuff that sends signal to the DAC, as you are sending the digital signal from your Computer.   So again you are by passing the BT that is in the front end of the AP60. 
    So it should not be surprising you don't get BT, when using as a DAC   By the way, Most computers can send BT by themselves, without the AP60 or any other device connected.  
    As I understand it the ONLY benefit to using the AP60 ALONE (Without pc connected), (Instead of your computer for BT),  is that the BT has APTX that not all computers use.  But APTX only benefits if the device receiving the BT signal also supports APTX.    If it does not support APTX, than sound quality will be normal BT.
    Experts here can correct any errors in the above.
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  12. fichmana
    That is what I was hoping for... Better sound quality from my laptop using my AptX headphones. Thanks.
  13. CactusPete23
    Yes, IF your computer has APTX BT, and If you are sourcing music from the laptop.
    The AP60 should supply same audio quality to your APTX headphones if you just use it as a player without your laptop involved.
    Caveat is that it is possible that either, your laptop or the AP60 is probably sending a stronger and therefore more stable BT signal .  (Maybe because of antenna, size, placement, or other things. )  And this could affect the sound quality.. ie drop out and/or loss of signal.    But with stable connection, both should sound the same through APTX BT.  
  14. cazone

    I'm going to order a AP60 @penon. and a cable to connect it to my mojo.
    wich cable did you buy to connect the hidizs to the mojo ?
    micro USB to micro USB OTG silver ?
    --> http://penonaudio.com/OTG-Pure-Silver-Cable?manufacturer_id=95
    thank you !
  15. Coop
    Received my AP60 last week, immediately installed the 1.05b firmware. So far the only downside is the hiss with sensitive IEMs. I was really happy to see that the USB DAC functionality worked straight out of the box on my Linux machines (Kubuntu 14.04 LTS and Kubuntu 16.10).
    The only real problem I ran into was when I tried to use the AP60 with my AudioQuest Dragonfly v1.2 via OTG. But I think the problem is with the Dragonfly rather than the AP60. When using that combo, the volume is unbearably loud. I vaguely recall there was some way to change some onboard setting of the Dragonfly to change the volume, I used this when I first got my Dragonfly and wanted to use it on a Linux machine, but the volume was too low. Back then I boosted the volume, but I can't remember what it was exactly was, so looking for a way to undo that now.
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