Hidizs AP200

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by darveniza, Jan 3, 2018.
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  1. darveniza
    The current forum thread for the AP200 currently showing 133 pages, states that is closed to further comments. Anyone knows why>
  2. LajostheHun
    last I read someone claimed fraud regarding their Indigo go campaign......
  3. coldone
    Their IDGG page is now closed, no more purchase, but backers can post comment though.
  4. emthered
    My guess is that Hidizs wants to (a) correct the problems with the AP200 before selling anymore, and (b) finish delivering units to those who haven't received. At this point I think it would be VERY helpful if Hidizs were to start a thread related to the current status of the AP200 including the challenges they are currently experiencing. This would help to bring more understanding to the community - especially to those who have yet to receive their unit.
  5. darveniza
    Thanks for the feedback. Interesting as I received an AP200 purchased via Ali Express. The unit is working great with no issues on WiFi , etc. The only minor issue is the keyboard calibration may be a bit off. The unit cam in with the 0.21 Beta. I have not upgraded to 0.22
  6. davidcotton
    IF anyone wants one badly enough, then penon audio has it in stock.
  7. coldone
    Are you a backer from IDGG or KS? That's very weird if you are a backer but your package came from Ali. At least you have your AP200 to appreciate.
  8. adn6244
    Obviously he is not a backer. You can get the player from retailer like Ali, penon much faster than the backer.

    Right after the ringing guy posted hidizs' promise that they won't sell to retailer until they finished shipping to all backers, the old thread was moderated and guess now closed.
  9. WeirdG
    I was wondering about the AP200 master thread too. I'm actually one of the KS backers that received their unit last month. I ordered the 128GB model with Rosewood back panel, and the issues with mine appear to be minimal compared to others. The wifi signal and bluetooth signal is weaker than I'm used to, but it hasn't given me any issues.

    As per the KS backer Verloren, he/she posted this on December 28:
  10. reeza
    Strange the original thread was locked... there are still issues and people still require a forum thread looking for help with their AP200s.
  11. coldone
    I hope this is what they want and I really like to see that coming.
  12. coldone
    I really want one and I already paid for it but just haven't received it yet. Yes, I am one of those backers who are waiting.......quietly. :disappointed:
  13. WeirdG
    I'm sure your patience will pay off. Hidizs just sucks at communication. Which one did you order?
  14. coldone
    I hope so, thanks. I ordered the 64 gb stainless. It's funny that I had to open my order page to re-check. I'm just not sure of this whole thing anymore. :laughing:
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  15. adn6244
    Me waiting too. But loosing my patience FAST!!!! Just found out that the local seller has started selling the model I back and I am still waiting for my player.

    Do you seriously believe they have production issue? Think they are having problem fulfilling retailers order more than anything else.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
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