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Hiby R3 Pro Portable Bluetooth DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by acygni, Oct 3, 2019.
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  1. acygni
    Hiby is releasing their new R3 Pro DAP/Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter.

    Dual CS43131

    Supports most BT codecs plus UAT
    006KWzx5ly4g7hmfbtbfuj30ri0d6t9j.jpg 006KWzx5ly4g7hmfc39n0j318y0u04pu.jpg

    1600mah 20hr battery

    3.5mm + 2.5mm output
    006KWzx5ly4g7hmi1tmxgj30zk0nqdq8.jpg 006KWzx5ly4g7hmfbw3zcj30zk0nq11q.jpg 006KWzx5ly4g7hmfbw3zcj30zk0nq11q.jpg 006KWzx5ly4g7hmi1u19qj30zk0nqak0.jpg 006KWzx5ly4g7hmfc15wbj30zk0nqk15.jpg 006KWzx5ly4g7hmfbwo7bj30zk0nqqd1.jpg 006KWzx5ly4g7hmfbxv2wj30zk0nqjz2.jpg
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  2. technobear
    Looks promising. Battery life looks good if it applies to red book flac files. Disappointed to see 2.5mm output. That really needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history. 4.4mm is the new standard for balanced outputs. Eagerly waiting more info on this one.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
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  3. Richsvt
    Love the sound, UI and form factor of the R3, if the Pro betters all of that, it'll be a win for me.
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  4. Audiowood
    Good to see 2.5mm still in use. Love the lightweight instead of 4.4mm heavyweight plug.
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  5. MTroy
    There is a real hype around CS those days... R5 as dual CS, also the DX160 of ibasso... new round between concurent !
    Any info about the firmware change from the siblings ?

    Cirrus Logic sound sightly different than the old Sabre used in R3.
    Don't know if it's sound better for you, but it's a noticable information.

    Disappointed to see 2.5mm output like @technobear
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
  6. fish1050
    Was looking hard at the R5 but it is out of my price range

    Then I found this thread and the R3 Pro looks like a really good option. I passed on the R3 mainly because of the poor battery life compared to my Fiio M7. While I really enjoy listening to the M7 it has ongoing niggles that continually frustrate me. It still can't sort tracks in proper alphabetical order, the Fiio Music App crashes multiple times when scanning for new tracks. Periodically there is a glitch playing tracks that I find very annoying. Not a fan of Android as it is overkill for the M7 without wifi or streaming, very slow to boot. Can't get my Windows 7 computer to recognize it reliably when connected to add tracks.

    Hoping to see a price soon for the R3 Pro.
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  7. acygni
    It is around 1500rmb so $215. Starts shipping 11.11
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  8. fish1050
    Nice! so about $300 CDN which is more than doable for me. Definitely a better unit than the R3 for not much more.
  9. Simplesam82
    Any idea if there is an updated release? Website still says coming soon
  10. acygni
    I was talking about the Chinese version. I just got mine shipped hopefully getting it in a week.
  11. Simplesam82
    Guess I’ll have to wait for the North American or English version :frowning2:
  12. acygni
    It does have multive languages but I think some person said the Chinese version may not support all of the global streaming services. But I can't care less about that.
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  13. fish1050
    I don't care about streaming services either but wary of importing DAP's. Hopefully by the time it comes to Canada there will be multiple reviews and posts on usability etc... I can wait a few months if need be to avoid importing and get some feedback on the unit.
  14. acygni
    Yea not sure about Canada but DHL delivers right to my house in the US together with my new phone also from China no less. Lol
  15. fish1050
    There are several dealers in Toronto that carry DAP's so hopefully one will bring in the R3 Pro so I can demo it.
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