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Hi, Have anyone tried the SpinFit tips?

  1. Thatnoob
    Just like the title says I want to know what these tips are like compared to stock silicon tips or maybe even COMPLY tips
  2. Hernium
    For me the spintips fit much better than your average stock silicones, but isolate less than Complys. The Complys also make the sound slightly warmer and let's you hear more of the bass, but the spintips leave the sound sig closer to the actual. Just imho, you really should try them side by side if you get a chance.
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  3. Thatnoob
    Since these are not foam tips, do you still need to replace them quite as often as the Complys? And for isolation is there a lot of diff with the comply tips?
  4. Hernium
    These will definitely last longer as they are made out of silicone. As for isolation, there is a noticeable increase with the Comply tips, but it depends if your usage requires more isolation. If you are not regularly using them outdoors, I would say to stick to the spintips.
    Summary: If you need isolation, go for the Complys, if you don't, go for the spintips.
  5. wpk123
    Got them to go with my ue900s.

    Fit wise much better than the comply. They don't isolate as well as the complys but on the other hand I feel the music is less warm and veiled. Plus they are a more comfortable fit (had them in for 2 hours plus, no ache). I feel the sound is more transparent and less coloured. All in all I'm very pleased with them. Worth a try.
  6. SpringBiscuit

    Yea, having similar result on my side too, comply consumption is always too much for me, as i use it frequent, it tend to change around 2 weeks+ for a pair.

    Btw i started a new thread, you can head over there to share your experience too =D

  7. pikachuchu
    I just came across SpinFit's Facebook and they're having a giveaway of all the eartips https://www.facebook.com/SpinFit.official/posts/246297029262122 (ends on 5/31) I personally like SpinFit more because they're really comfortable and last way longer than foam tips. Don't think a lot of people have tried yet but I bought the CP145 and paired it with my AKG n40 .......loved it!
  8. PaganDL
    Hi Thatnoob,

    I will add my two cents here & say Spinfits help when you have IEMs which have an uncommon bore size or difficult to fit on other tips.
    Isolation also varies but is a little less than foam as others have echoed here for obvious reasons.
    Personally, they are not a go to but I do use them on occasion.
    The important thing to remember is if you can try them first, makes it easier to decide for yourself.

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