Hi-fi speakers?
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Audiogon is good if you are looking to buy or sell high end audiophile quality stereo equipment. Also has a good section on equipment reviews.
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Having spent way too much time in HiFi speaker forums, here's my breakdown:

AVS - good for home theater and electronics discussions - very active forum (possibly the single most active audio related forum) with some good info, but the speaker/subwoofer sections degraded into too much fighting, BS and drama for my tastes quite a while ago - I go there if I want to find info on TV's, receivers, DVD players, etc

AudioAsylum - this is where a lot of the far fringe of audiophiles hang out, so if you're into exotic cables, funky tweaks and expensive stuff, it's a good place - I don't find it too useful

AudioGon - this is mostly an online classifieds site for audiophiles, but they have a forum as well with some decent discussion, but I've never gotten into their forum

AudioCircle - I like this site, but it is biased towards the local companies - they have forums for a number of smaller HiFi companies and many of them are quite good. There are also some decent DIY sub-areas on the forum. My current favorite general HiFi site because of the good collection of folks.

Audioholics - a home theater review site that also has a forum. I haven't bothered much with their forum as a lot of the posting seems to be back-and-forth about their reviews.

Home theater forum - a decent site for basic home theater stuff, but the speaker section isn't that exciting and I gave up on it after a while because it seemed to largely be newbies asking the same newbie questions

Home theater spot - another home theater forum similar to the one above, but with sub-areas dedicated to the discussion of particular brands (imagine if there were Grado/Senn/etc sections here)

Home theater shack - yet another home theater forum - I haven't checked it out other than the Room EQ Wizard section - looks like AVS, but low traffic

Sound&Vision - home theater forum - I haven't really checked it out, so I can't say much

DIYaudio - as the name implies, a forum for all things DIY for audio (a bit like HeadWize) - lots of technical discussions on building speakers, amps, etc

Madisound forum - another DIY forum, this one focused on speakers - it's good if you need some quick DIY speaker advice

Company specific (all are naturally biased towards their products):

AV123 - probably the most active of the company specific forums - you'll see me here quite a bit

Ascend Acoustics - I'm here quite a bit too


Hsu research - I gave up on this one


...I'm sure there are more
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Forgot this one:


It's specific to polk. LOVE their high end stuff (with the exception of their subpar subs). I have LSi15 floorstanders in cherry and an LSiC center. Unreal for music and home theater....

A very friendly forum too.

Audition audition audition!
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There's also the Stereophile forum. There only ever seem to be three or four people in there, and one of them is always getting banned, but the site does have lots of reviews online and it's a useful resource if you're looking for more info on a particular model. Speakers, like 'phones, aremore than most parts of the hifi chain down to personal preference, the kind of sound you're aiming at (IMHO). And can be the most satisfying to lust after and, eventually, own. Hot dam*, now I want me some!!!

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For all home equipment info I go here. Check out the Browse reviews column for reviews of products that people have purchased. Check out the forum section obviously and also they have a gallery section where people post pics of there systems. Tons of great audio and video info..


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