help with ue-5c fit
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Dec 4, 2002
I don't have UE's, but I had this problem when I first got the Sensas. That and the sound was great... but.. ssssibilant.

I was IM'ing with Lindrone (I miss that guy
), and he offhandedly said to make sure I was twisting them in all the way. Turns out that was exactly the problem.

It may feel and even look like you've got them in right, but try twisting back (away from the direction of your face) more, until they tuck into the part of the outter ear above the ear canal.

If that doesn't work and you've been trying for a few days or so, it's time for a refit, probably from a better audiologist.
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Jun 4, 2003

Originally Posted by legolocker
i just got mine in and i can't get a seal to stay. it'll seal for a couple seconds and then it loosens out. i was working out today and the earphones just moved around while i moved around. am i doing something wrong? help

If the UE5c's are even close to the correct fit, it would be near impossible for them to "loosen out".

When you put them on, make sure the cord is behind you (down your back). This always seems to help align things correctly. Hover the earpiece over your ear and orient the side with the cable connector facing forward. Then gently set into your ear and twist counterclockwise so that it locks into place (think like a corkscrew). Wiggle them back and forth a few degrees and they should be stuck in there with no way of getting out unless you twist them forward.

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