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Help with fiio amp/dac

  1. Osc4r86
    I just bought the fiio e17k amp dac and the fiio L27 wmport to micro sub for the Sony NW-a35 dap .but it doesn't to seem to work as I get no sound plugging in my headphones plz help
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Are you sure the E17 is compatible with that one? Because it's not as widely compatible as the Q1 and Q1 Mk2.
  3. Osc4r86
    what do u mean i thought all u need is the right certified cable and then plug and play.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I mean drivers and software. The E17K might work with a Samsung phone but not other Androids unless you use UAPP (or newer Neutron with its own USB driver), much less a DAP like that.

    Same way the Q1 and Q1 Mk2 may still not work with a few Androids and some DAPs. Or my Pangea HP101 that requires a special driver to work on Windows (and even then remains buggy), works without a hitch on all apps on Samsung devices (even Spotify and YouTube work without a hitch), doesn't work on one LG I tried with it unless I run UAPP (Neutron's USB drivers didn't help).

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