Help with Audio-gd Compass and TitaniumHD
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Mar 5, 2007
OK, I've had this card for about 4 months and I've been using it with my receiver without any issues......     Then I move....
I'm in the process of trying to arrange my PC, and really don't have the room for a receiver, so I decide to run this through my Compass  (been locked up for 4 months, and it's been babied throughout my ownership).  I use the optical out to the SPDIF on the compass... and nothing....       I then try the optical to optical...   nothing.....    I then run right and left outputs to the corresponding "Line In"...    still nothing  (Tried all three settings USB, Coax, and Optical)... 
Insert AGH!!!!!   I really need some help in figuring this out.....
I'm going to try and use USB to see if that works..  but this is not quite what all I had imagined.   Any and all help is more than welcome & sincerely appreciated....
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OK..   tried USB..    Windows7 recognized right off the bat...   but no sound   (yes, it's plugged in and power light is glowing).....
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Are you setting the Compass (USB Audio DAC) as the default playback device under Control Panel > Sounds > Playback Devices?  This is for when using USB.
For optical, are you setting the Titanium's optical ouput as the default playback device?  Are you programs outputting to the Titanium or through the optical output?  They need to be set to output to the USB Audio DAC when your Compass is plugged in through USB.

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