Help Troubleshooting Home Theater Receiver to headphone amp connection
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Jun 27, 2011
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Jun 27, 2011
I just got some AKG-Q701 phones, and a little dot MK V solid state amp that has 2 sets of RCA (line level) inputs.
I want to use this in conjunction with my computer and home theater receiver to watch movies and listen to music on my PC and in my home theater (which are within cable distance).
1. I have a coax digital out from my sound card connected to my HTR and it sounds great out of the speakers.  I connected my little dot MK V to the VCR-2 out section on my Denon 3805 and there is no sound.  Plugged the little dot into the line outs of a DVD player and it sounds great with my headphones.  So why is no sound coming out of the outs on my receiver?  I have also tried other outs like the zone 2 and VCR-1 same result.
2. Second question if I can get the above working I want to be able to choose to listen to headphones with any of my sources....TV Computer, DVD, Play Station etc.  How can I switch all that without hearing the speakers when using headphones.
Please help with number 1 first since right now without a stand-alone DAC all this combo is worth is girlfriend annoyance.  Denon has burr brown DAC's I believe so hopefully I can get this working.
Thanks in advance
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