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Help regarding Koss Porta Pro (KTC) Recable, Kramer Mod and more

  1. idubwhenimbored
    Sup head-fiers,
    Earlier today, an evil chair decided to maliciously pull the cable straight out of the drivers on my Koss Porta Pros :L
    So, since the cable is now out, I figured hey, this could be my first chance not only to fix my headphones, but maybe modify a couple components on them as well.
    What I am looking for in my future modded pair:
    -ear pads  - that aren't foam. pleather would be nice. im planning on doing the quarter mod. i was also wondering what other headphone ear pads are compatible with the porta pros. i heard things like the px200 fit well. this true? and are there any others?
    -headband -  if anyone has ideas to make it not pull out your hair. if not, that's okay, this is the least of my concerns.
    -drivers - im planning on doing the kramer mod. also someone said something about using enamel on the membrane inside? that a good idea?
    -cable with mic - my old cable was the koss ktc. it had a microphone on it and one of the 3 buttons controlled play music/pause music/answer call/end call. i found this very useful, and would like a cable that improves sound quality, is durable (wont easily tear out of my drivers), and incorporates a mic with the same functions as the ktc. this recable is a tall order, i know. but if anyone can help me do it, i would be very greatful. Also, I know that cables wrapped in cord or fabric suffer from interference due to the cable rubbing onto other things. Maybe there is a way to get the same durability of that type of cable, but without the interference?
    Sound Quality:
    I like my beats fast and my bass down low.
    Hahaha sorry, couldnt resist.
    I'll admit, I am kind of a basshead, but I don't like to see sound quality go down the drain. For these cans, I want powerfully present bass while still preserving clarity and highs not shrill. I don't want muddy bass :frowning2: so i like to preserve balance.
    Overall, balance while being slightly bass heavy and preserving clarity.
    The point being, which mods should I do in order to achieve this and if so, are there any specific pointers you could offer?
    Music I listen to for reference:
    Rock - alternative, hard, punk, rap, electro, progressive, grunge, indie, pop
    Metal - alternative, rap, heavy
    Electronica - house, techno, dubstep, drum & bass, chip-tune, ambient, dance, hardcore, hard dance, industrial, trance, uk garage
    Classical - baroque, classical, romantic, modern, contemporary
    Random groups that blend genres
    I am a newborn baby when it comes to Do-It-Yourself, so if you could help me with any of these things, i would be very greatful.
    Also, I am quite new here on head-fi, so if I am doing anything wrong, please correct me.
  2. chrislangley4253
    as someone who has done all the mods you just mentioned...

    if you want your beats fast and your bass down low, leave em stock. The cable change is an absolute pain, but you can do that without hurting anything. Ideally. I would suggest just making use of the koss warranty though, if the cable gives out.
    Oh, check my pictures for a mod to prevent hair pulling. Just put the foam from the quarter mod on the sliders.
    for what it's worth. I settled on using sportapro drivers(same as portapro, just black) and ksc 75 clips. They sound more natural and balanced, but will be a bit more bass light.
  3. idubwhenimbored
    Is this true? About the center emitting highest frequencies and as you get further away, the lower the frequency? If so, could I do the kramer mod on the plate to improve bass by focusing on the outer area?
    By the way, " I like my beats fast and my bass down low" are lyrics to a song, if you didn't already know lol.
  4. chrislangley4253
    kramer mod does nothing. I spent entirely too much time ab'ing soo many pairs of portapros. I did nothing but mod portapros for a long time. I know my answer kinda sucks, but yeah. Messing with the pads changes stuff around, but I like them most with the stock pads with no holes cut, when I use the clips.. if i was using the portapro headband, I'd probably lean towards cutting the pads. It's been a while.

    i promise the kramer mod isn't worth your time. hell, I might have some drilled out grilles sitting around. let me take a look real quick

    yes, I know they are lyrics :)
  5. chrislangley4253
    Yup. I could probably mail these to you for pretty cheap. I won't even charge for the parts, just toss me whatever shipping is. You can just pop out your stock grilles and pop these ones in.
    *edit* it IS a little tricky, a bit harder than just "popping" them off, but if you use a jewlers flathead screwdriver it's pretty easy. Still takes a lot of force the first time though.
  6. idubwhenimbored
    Ahhh I guess you're right, and I trust in your experience with modding these. I just figured that maybe modding them would really change the SQ since there are a bunch of threads on it. But if it really doesn't do anything, I guess its not worth it.
    I was considering two options. Recable them and maybe improve SQ(?)(I have diagrams written out and everything). Or. Send $9 and the broken pair back to koss and get new ones.
    What should I do?
    Also, I did open up the cable connector areas on the drivers to see what the damage was, and I popped off the grilles while contemplating if I wanted to mod them. This doesnt void my warranty does it?
  7. chrislangley4253
    the tweaks are very, very minor if at all. There is no way I could pick them blind. My friends couldn't either.

    I was actually comparing a kramer modded, quarter (pad) modded portapro with a very nice silver cable versus a stock one with just the pads modded. Couldn't hear a lick of difference, my man.
    I don't think the recable will do much for you, but I cannot say that for sure. You haven't voided the warranty yet.. In fact, even if you botched a cable replacement, they would likely still send you a new pair. Koss is pretty awesome. Given the expense of the ktc, I would just use the warranty, myself. But, feel free to try replacing the cable. Something like a high quality, thin, copper cable like mogami starquad certainly shouldn't -hurt- the sound at all. 
    An improved cable was what I personally wanted with the ktc.. they just kinda added a remote, i didn't like that much at all.
  8. doors666
    the cables are quite thin with these. any recommended cables for these, what gauge is good enough? Any tweaks to improve the midrange.
  9. idubwhenimbored
    Ehh I decided that I'm just going to use the warranty and send them back early into this week. Maybe I will modify another pair of cans in the future, but as of right now, I miss the sound, so I'm using the warranty and opting for the quick way out. I'm just going to focus my funds on buying a pair of V-Moda M-100s and a fiio e17 dac.
    I looked around the internet for useful links, maybe you could use these:
    How to Make & Repair Audio Cables by Expert Village:
    ardgedee's (head-fi.org) DIY Cable Info and Help Thread:
    Getting started in Audio DIY by Warren Young:
    Wayne A. Pflughaupt's (hometheatershack.com) How to Solder: An Illustrated DIY Guide to Making Your Own Cables Thread:
    thedips' (head-fi.org) Ultimate DIY: the 3.5mm 1/8" mini jack plug collection Thread:
    HiGHFLYiN9's (head-fi.org) DIY Cable Gallery Thread:
    rickcr42's (head-fi.org) DIY Links Resource Thread:
    Hope those help. Feel free to spread these links to the needy if you feel that this information is useful.
  10. doors666

    Thank you, these are helpful. I have made some interconnects in the past based on belden rg6 cables. Never tried changing for the headphones cables. I know soldering also, though not an expert.

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